Glass Tabletops & Custom Glass Shelves in Kansas City

Enjoy a more inviting, comfortable living space with the addition of custom glass tabletops and shelving. A beautifully crafted glass tabletop will highlight your home's decor and are easy to clean. They make perfect additions to a modern living room or dining room.

At the same time, shelves can be used to maximize space in rooms like an office. Glass Doctor® of Kansas City will create custom glass tabletops and shelving that attune your home to your style.

Custom Glass Tabletops

a male Glass Doctor service professional installing a glass tabletop in a living room with a man and woman watching him for a couch Discuss your plan for custom glass renovation with our specialists. During your initial in-home consultation, we will take measurements and offer valuable insights regarding your custom glass tabletops. Ask about our various customization options, such as glass tinting, glass thickness and edgework. Our custom glass tabletops protect:

  • Antique surfaces
  • Writing desks
  • Dining room tables
  • Conference room tables
  • Endtables
  • Nightstands
  • Coffee tables

Our team is happy to cut your custom glass tabletops according to completely personalized specifications. Our specialists will cut glass to virtually any size or shape you need.

About Glass Shelving

Make a visual impact while contributing to function with beautiful custom glass shelving. Our specialists will work with you to create the custom glass shelf configuration that best suits your needs. We will offer assistance from design to execution to create the custom shelves that best accommodate your unique needs. Our specialists consider several factors when installing glass shelves:

  • Style and design: To highlight existing art, decor and architecture
  • Height and configuration: To reduce clutter or unused space
  • The number of shelves and distances between them: To ensure having enough storage space along with other problems
  • Glass, tinting, edging, and color choices: To create the glass solutions of your dreams. We offer beveled edges, flat polished edges and pencil polished edges.

Extra Protection for Your New Glass

We offer a variety of glass types to suit the needs of our clients. Consider the various types of glass we can use to make your custom decor.

  • Tinted glass: Tinting blocks UVB and UVA rays that damage sensitive surfaces like wood.
  • Safety glass: For poolside furniture or patio tables, safety glass is the best option. Glass Doctor of Kansas City offers laminated and tempered glass solutions to keep young ones, pets, and families safe from broken glass. For additional safety, ask about installing our specialty glass for shower doors.

Book a Custom Glass Tabletop & Shelving Appointment

Contact Glass Doctor of Kansas City over the phone at (913) 339-9800 today or fill out our online service request. Schedule your in-home consultation to discuss custom glass tabletops, shelves, and more. Our team works hard to offer quality, dependable service.

FAQs about Custom Tabletops & Shelving

Are custom glass tabletops & shelving durable?

Yes, they are durable and created to withstand regular use. Tempered glass also assists with enhancing their strength and preventing breakage.

How do I clean and maintain a custom glass tabletop or shelf?

It would help to clean the glass with a non-abrasive glass cleaner and a soft cloth. This cleaning method will assist with maintaining clarity and appearance.