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National Accounts Program

The business world is a naturally competitive place and companies must place their best foot forward. For those companies with a physical presence, this means keeping your storefronts and interior glass displays looking clean and in good repair. Glass Doctor® of Great Falls - and its 260 affiliated stores - are proud to provide this service to several nationally prominent companies.

To this end, our company offers preferred service to any company that signs a National Account agreement with us. By consolidating your glass repair and replacement needs in one place, you will reap the following benefits:

Discounted Volume Pricing: Customers with national business repair accounts receive a 10-30% discount off regular pricing. This even applies to automobile glass repairs that are ordered from the associated business property.

Nationwide Standard Pricing: You and your company can rest assured that you will receive the same great rates regardless of where in the country - no matter how remote nor at what time of the day or night - the repairs are completed.

Centralized Dispatching and Billing: The Glass Doctor family supports each other. Anyone in your company can utilize a dedicated toll-free 800 number and then a single, itemized bill will arrive no matter which of our locations you used. With this system, work orders can also be submitted via phone or email.

Real Time Management Reporting: For the best results, managing the entire business should not take you away from your core duties. Glass Doctor avoids this problem with real-time reporting on the status of your repairs including estimated cost and completion time of all work requests.

Dedicated Account Management: When dealing with a repair vendor, it is advisable to have a single point of contact for the major issues like rectifying a problem. For this reason, the Glass Doctor provides a single point of contact through our National Accounts Manager. Your employees will get the same level of treatment - that is, one point of contact - on the local level.

Priority Response: Glass Doctor of Great Falls understands the importance and convenience of uninterrupted daily business transactions. Our National Account members receive priority response time no matter the situation. Depend on us to be there on time whenever you need anything from a simple pane replacement to an emergency board up.

For more information about our National Account program, contact Glass Doctor of Great Falls.