Windshield & Auto Glass Care in Great Falls, MT

In addition to keeping debris and harsh winds out of your vehicle, your auto glass also maintains the structure of your vehicle in the event of an accident. A windshield crack compromises your auto glass' ability to perform as intended and interferes with your visibility while driving. If your auto glass has been damaged, there is no need to become dejected; the glass specialist team at Glass Doctor® of Great Falls will repair or replace any type of auto glass, including your sunroof, rear view mirror, rear window glass, windshield and side windows.

Windshield Care

Your windshield is your primary protector while you are driving, and the most important piece of glass your car contains in accidents. The windshield comprises around half of the vehicle's structural support in front-end collisions and at lead 60% in a rollover accident. Your windshield is invaluable for your protection and comfort while you drive; cracks and chips interfere with its ability to perform. Regardless of the make or model of your car, we will solve your windshield problems. Glass Doctor of Great Falls keeps a variety of factors in mind when completing windshield repair and replacement work.

  • We keep your vehicle's technology in mind: Many modern windshields include active sensors, antennas and heads-up displays (HUDs). We will determine whether or not your vehicle's windshield has these features and conduct the repair or replacement in a way that maintains their functionality.
  • We are Auto Glass Safety Council™ certified: Glass Doctor of Great Falls is a proud member of the Auto Glass Safety Council. All of our glass specialists are trained to follow this organization's guidelines in order to maintain the highest quality of service.
  • We use Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) quality glass: At a minimum, the windshield that we install will be the same quality as the one that your vehicle came with upon purchase.
  • We will take care of the paperwork for you: Because your windshield is such an important part of your vehicle's ability to function safely, many insurance providers will cover your windshield repair. However, dealing with them can be a hassle; that is why we will work with your insurer on your behalf.

Auto Glass Replacement

In addition to your windshield, our team also replaces the glass in other parts of your vehicle. Because it is more likely to come into contact with a passenger in the event of a collision, this glass is a different type than windshield glass. Passenger window, quarter glass, sunroof and back windshield glass are all composed of tempered glass, which shatters into tiny, less dangerous pieces upon breaking. We make sure to use this type of glass in non-windshield replacements.

Auto Glass Repair

At Glass Doctor of Great Falls, auto glass replacement is never the first option. Before we try to completely replace an entire piece of auto glass, we will determine whether or not a much less expensive auto glass repair is possible.

Auto Glass Protection

Hydrophobic Coating Glass Protectant

After your auto glass repair or replacement, you will want to protect your glass from future damage. Our Hydophobic Coating makes your glass more resistant to scratches, water stains, pollution, weather damage and mineral deposits. It also keeps your windshield clearer during rainy days for better driving visibility.

Our Windshield Guarantee

All of our windshield replacements come with the Windshield Protection Plan; we will fix damage to your windshield for a full year after we install it. We also offer the Windshield Protection Plan, which covers the cost of labor and materials. Complete your windshield protection package with the addition of new windshield wipers and Clear Choice protectant glass treatment.

Never hesitate to repair your auto glass. Glass Doctor of Great Falls has the expertise to restore your vehicle today!