Glass Shower Doors & Bathtub Enclosures in Great Falls, MT

It is amazing how easily an entire bathroom can be transformed from good to great, standard to spa-like. In many cases, all the transformation requires is the addition of a frameless glass shower door or tub enclosure. Glass shower door and enclosures serve as bathrooms' focal points. They are the largest visual objects in the rooms and often the first fixture you note. If you want to add a touch of beauty to your bathroom, Glass Doctor® of Great Falls has the experience and expertise to help you choose and install the right glass enclosure for your design and budget.

Installing a Glass Shower Door or Enclosure

Here’s how the Glass Doctor of Great Falls process works:

Materials and Mass: Which style of glass shower door or tub enclosure is right for your bathroom will depend largely on how your space is designed and configured. The first step in the process is for a specialist from Glass Doctor to visit your home and inspect your bathroom walls for the location of studs and building material, both of which determine how much weight your walls can support.

Design Decisions: Next, your Glass Doctor of Great Falls specialist will need to know the location and number of your shower heads. This decision will help you and our specialist consider only glass shower doors that will prevent water from spraying out of the shower when the door is open.

Measurements and Materials: Once your bathroom's building materials and layout have been inspected and you have made decisions about the fixtures, our specialist will take precise measurements of your bathroom and shower or tub area. This ensures that you will receive a precise cost estimate. It also helps guarantee that installation takes place without any unforeseen issues.

Ventilation and Installation: Ventilation is the last factor you will want to discuss with our specialist before choosing your new frameless glass shower or tub enclosure. If the air in your bathroom does not have the ability to flow freely, humidity in the room will cause damage to your walls, ceiling and floors. It could also cause mold to grow. Make sure you ask your specialist about ventilation before choosing the shower doors. Knowing which door you are having installed will help your specialist choose the best ventilation option for your bathroom.

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

Choosing the right glass shower door or tub enclosure is an important decision. Luckily, we offer an array of glass shower doors and tub enclosures from which to choose. Your options range from standard glass shower doors to frameless shower doors to those that are more elaborate. Glass Doctor of Great Falls offers several tools to help you get started:

If you are ready to transform your bathroom from good to great, take a look at our resources or contact our team. Glass Doctor of Great Falls specialists are dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and expert craftsmanship, so your bathroom redesign delivers your dreams.