Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Great Falls, MT

Every business owner should develop a business recovery plan that will aid when disaster strikes. One of the keys to business recovery plans will be how to deal with all the glass components in the business. Glass Doctor® of Great Falls offers an Advance Measurement system; a proactive way for you to include glass repair and replacement in your disaster recovery plan.

Our glass service specialists will survey your facility, measure all glass panes, the doors and other glass products. Our specialists will record the type of glass needed and note any safety glass code requirements as well. The locations of every pane of glass will be recorded. In the event of an emergency, our specialists can have you up and running again within 24 hours.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

  • Convenience - Glass Doctor of Great Falls will react with speed and alacrity to resolve all of your glass problems as soon as possible.
  • Expedience - With most or all of your measurements on file, we will keep “board ups” to a minimum and replace most damage in the same day.
  • Security - Our expedited service means that your property will remain unsecured for the least amount of time possible – a notable accomplishment in this day and age.
  • Liability - Similarly, we will reduce your exposure to insurance claims by repairing your property ASAP.
  • Affordability - With all repairs accomplished on a single trip, our in-house staff and glass specialists can provide you with the best possible service and the most affordable cost.

Faster Emergency Repairs

With the initial survey of your site complete, our glass specialists will already have the measurements available for any glass on your property. If a pane of glass, mirror or even glass tabletops should break, call us and our team will arrive with a replacement pane. In cases where your glass size is not in stock, our specialists will board-up the damaged area, protecting your business from unwanted pests and guests.

In-Stock Options

When your business signs with our Advance Measurement system, we will pre-order any specialty glass items contained within your business location. This means our glass specialists will be able to replace any measured glass item in your location within 24 hours within the added delay for delivery. Glass Doctor of Great Falls will keep your location up and running as soon as possible after an accident or catastrophe.

For more information on these and other business recovery plans or to schedule a professional consultation, please contact us at the Glass Doctor of Great Falls.