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Glass Doctor of Grand Rapids, MI, knows how important it is for you feel safe on the roadway. We know a windshield replacement guarantee plan is not a one-size-fits-all service. We offer several different windshield replacement guarantee plans, so every driver can choose the plan that best fits your desire to protect your investment in a new windshield.

Windshield Replacement Guarantee Plans

Glass Doctor of Grand Rapids, MI, ensures your windshield replacement is performed to the highest professional standards. Our glass specialists carefully follow the performance standards established by the Auto Glass Safety Council™. Our glass specialists are specially trained to restore the structural integrity of your vehicle so that it is safe to return to the road. We also achieve the highest visual clarity possible with the windshield guarantee program of your choice. We guarantee our work with three different windshield replacement guarantee plans tailored to your coverage needs.

G12® Road Hazard Guarantee

This is our standard windshield guarantee plan and is complimentary. It covers an unlimited number of repairs or one replacement within the coverage period. It pays for the cost of the replacement glass, but it does not cover the cost of labor or installation materials.

G12 Future Installation Option

This option includes every perk in the complimentary option, plus this plan does include the cost of labor and installation materials.

G12 Value Package

The G12 Value Package goes one step further than the G12 Future Installation Option. In addition to the cost of glass, labor and installation materials, the G12 Value Package also provides for a set of new windshield wiper blades and an application of our specially formulated Clear Choice™ glass protectant. This special products makes your glass scratch resistant and enhances the visual clarity of your windshield.

A Note of Coverage Guidelines

Each of the windshield replacement guarantee plans we offer includes coverage for 12 months from the date you replacement service. Coverage applies to normal vehicles for everyday damage. If we replace your windshield a second time the original guarantee is voided. Commercial vehicles such as motor coaches, large trucks and buses are excluded from coverage. Damage caused by vandalism, collision, fraud or acts of God is also excluded. To activate your coverage, report the claim to the Glass Doctor center where you had your windshield replaced. Any Glass Doctor shop is able to fulfill your guarantee once the original installation center is notified.

If your vehicle needs a windshield replacement, think twice before going with a repair facility offering the lowest prices. Lower cost doesn’t always mean higher quality work, and that decision can result in far higher personal and financial costs to you and your passengers. Trust our team to fix your auto glass correctly and then protect it for up to a year! Set an appointment with the Glass Doctor of Grand Rapids, MI, team today!

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