Custom Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of Grand Rapids, MI, offers a wealth of custom glass decor solutions. Our experts have decades of experience transforming homes with customized tabletops, patio and French doors, custom shelves and mirrors. We also offer innovative low-emissivity (Low-E) glass, which is designed to protect your home decor from harmful UV rays and increase the overall value of the property. Before you make costly renovations, speak with our specialists about your decor options.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Our experts offer years of experience measuring and creating dynamic glass tabletops for existing or new furniture. For an extra level of flair, we create glass pieces in a wide array of sizes and shapes with a variety of finishes and edge types. Every service begins with an in-home consultation. During your consultation, we review glass tint, edgework detail, thickness and any applicable safety issues. We also explain the difference between laminated and tempered glass, plus the benefits of coated and tinted glass.

Custom Mirrors

Unique custom mirrors are the perfect element to add to your home to bolster lighting and infuse a decorative flair. Custom mirrors are also the perfect solution for smaller spaces. Our experts are trained to determine the optimum placement to get the most of out of the tightest of spaces.

Patio and French Doors

If your beautiful doors have been damaged, our experts offer the premier solution. We renovate entryways, upgrade doorlites, and install matching side windows. While we offer several glass inserts, our most common are:

  • Energy-efficient glass
  • Regulation all-weather glass
  • Hurricane-rated laminated glass
  • Decorative glass with coordinating side pane
  • Insulated glass units (IGU) with sliding blinds

Over the years, we've forged strategic partnerships with several of the area's leading vendors and are able to receive glass products significantly faster.

Low-E Glass Windows

Adding Low-E windows to a home will create a more comfortable home for every resident. These panes are designed to filter harmful rays and reduce glare. Over the last decade, Low-E glass has become one of the premier solutions for commercial buildings and residential homes. Although these metallic coatings are extremely thin, they effectively reduce the amount of light transmission by up to 10%. With Low-E glass, your decor will last longer, your home will be more comfortable and you will save money on energy bills. Low-E windows will increase the overall value and comfort of your home.

At Glass Doctor of Grand Rapids, MI, we offer several innovative custom glass decor options designed to transform your space from bland to beautiful. If you're ready to see your home in a new light, contact the experts at Glass Doctor of Grand Rapids, MI, today to learn more about our custom glass decor solutions.