Industry Glass Solutions

Every building features glass, which means it’s essential to have someone to install and care for it. Glass is a versatile material, and works in a number of commercial settings on a variety of levels. Glass Doctor® of Grand Rapids, MI, is your source for exceptional commercial glass care and replacement. Adding us to your team will deliver access to emergency services and our Commercial Care program, which gives members priority response, membership pricing and a discount of 15% on all auto glass jobs performed on the property. Whether you’re looking for custom glass work, regular maintenance or emergency care, Glass Doctor of Grand Rapids, MI, perfects your panes around the clock.

Business Glass Repair for Every Business

Apartments and Condominiums

Windows, entry doors, mirrors, sliding glass doors and many other types of panes are a part of apartments and condominiums. As a landlord, owner or association it’s your job to make sure that residents are safe and secure. Our glass specialists can upgrade, repair, install or maintain any commercial glass you have on the property. Save money by transitioning to energy-saving glass or increase the appeal of a unit with custom glass shower enclosures. No matter the type of glass service you need, our commercial glass care team is ready to meet them. Your community also receives an added perk of 15% off all auto glass services.

apartment windows


Your restaurant will run more efficiently with the right panes. Glass tabletops, buffet sneeze guards, drive-up windows, an atrium or an inviting outdoor seating area are all viable additions to any eatery. Outfit your restaurant with custom panes, which can feature decorative or safety film, to reduce sun damage to interior pieces. Our dedicated team will provide emergency glass services so keep your restaurant up and running.

Schools and Universities

Glass Doctor of Grand Rapids, MI, will help schools display their pride. Our glass specialists will create display cases for your awards and provide the right types of glass for your science laboratory needs. Other projects our expertise might improve include custom tabletops for student and teacher use or upgrades the school’s facade and efficiency. We can also work with you on improving pool areas or living quarters to make sure all codes are met or exceeded.


Invite customers in with customized displays and well-maintained entries. From doorstops and dressing room mirrors to tinted glass that keeps your product safe from harmful UV rays, our glass specialists will take care of every glass aspect of your retail store. We specialize in both decorative and safety glass, each necessary in a retail setting.

Hotels and Motels

Glass Doctor of Grand Rapids, MI, will elevate any stay with the right glass touches in your hotel or motel. We will install new glass or retrofit existing structures with low-maintenance panes. Our commercial glass care includes fire-resistant glass or other custom choices that improve safety. You’ll also add allure with edged, beveled, tinted or other decorative glass options.

Cities and Municipalities

Secure your municipality or city building and help it run smoothly while saving energy with optimal commercial glass care services. Our specialists offer remodeling and construction capabilities and work on new buildings and remodels.

No matter your business expertise trust our team to service your panes. We deliver top quality care to ensure our community prospers.