Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

Whether you are constructing a new bathroom or remodeling an existing bath or shower area, Glass Doctor® of Fort Worth Metroplex is equipped with the products and expertise you need to create the shower or tub enclosure that is right for your space. With every style from basic shower doors to frameless shower doors to more elaborate tub enclosures; our products are designed to enhance the beauty of your bathroom and create a unique decor statement.

Our professional glass specialists will walk you through the creation, set up and care of your new bath or shower area. With assistance in design, budgeting, installation and maintenance, you can rest assured that you have the support and expertise you need when you contact Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex.

Designing Your New Bath Area

When you are ready to begin creating your new shower or tub, contact Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex for an in-home consultation. Our glass specialist will help you evaluate various factors in order to ensure that you select the shower doors or tub enclosure that best suits your needs, both in structure and style. A few of the aspects you and your glass specialists will consider include:

  • Configuration: Determining the location of supporting studs as well as the type of material your walls are made from is crucial to building a sturdy new shower enclosure. This information ultimately determines the amount of glass weight your bathroom is designed to support.
  • Shower Heads: When placed in the proper location and installed properly, your shower head should not spray water out of the bath or shower area even when the shower doors are open.
  • Measurements: Avoid inaccurate measurements, which could delay the installation of your new shower doors or tub enclosure by allowing one of our glass specialists to provide you with expert measurements. Expert measurements can help ensure that you receive a more accurate cost estimate as well.
  • Ventilation: Our glass specialists will perform an evaluation of the ventilation in your bath or shower area in order to help eliminate problems that could occur from excessive moisture build-up. Poor ventilation can result in peeling paint and even mold growth. If it is determined that inadequate ventilation is an issue, be sure to ask our specialists about our glass steam room kits.

Bathroom Improvement

Additional Resources and Services

Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex offers a wide variety of additional resources and services to help you create the bath or shower area of your dreams.

Contact Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex today and find out more about how we can help you create your new bathroom.