Advance Measurement System

Sometimes bad things happen to good businesses. When a crisis occurs, your job as a business leader is to protect your assets, recover and return to operation as quickly as possible, which means including glass repair in your business recovery plan.

Glass Doctor® of Fort Worth Metroplex makes it easy to incorporate glass replacement and repair into your business recovery plan by offering the Advance Measurement System. The service involves having a specialist visit your business or facility to conduct a survey before an emergency. The specialist measures every pane of glass in your windows, doors, shelves and throughout the store and makes a detailed diagram of where every piece of glass is supposed to be.

After an emergency, the diagram will assist Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex in getting your business back up and operating:

  • Making emergency repairs more quickly: Information about your business glass replacement needs is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Any time glass breaks in your business, all you need to do is call Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex. Our specialist will know which glass to bring to your business.
  • Keep panes in-stock: If you have glass in your business that breaks on a regular basis, Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex will keep it in stock and ready to be replaced at your request.
  • Saving you money, time and worry: Labor costs are generally less for businesses that take advantage of the Advance Measurement System because glass specialists only have to make one trip to the business for installation. Faster installation service also allows you to get your business back open and operating more quickly. You also won’t have to worry about thieves entering your business through broken doors or windows.

When glass breaks in your business, Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex will help you restore every pane.