Security Film

Glass Doctor® of Fort Worth Metroplex knows above all else, glass is a protective barrier between your business and the elements. Glass windows help regulate the climate in your building, guard your business against vandalism and keep your customers and employees safe and secure.

Of course, windows are an aesthetic choice and they can do a lot to make your business more appealing. Adding tinted window film to your window panes improves the functionality as well as the aesthetics of your business.

Enhance Comfort and Appearance

Window tinting blocks the sun's damaging UV rays and helps you maintain a consistent interior climate while enhancing the beauty of your building. By reducing the heat that enters your business from the sun, tinting allows you to spend less on air conditioning.

The tinted window coating offered by Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex also helps with customer and employee comfort. Tinted window film reduces the computer glare problems that plague many workplaces. It makes it easier to read and write without squinting, weather you're working on your computer, phone or old-fashioned paper.

Protect your Property

Windows do a lot to protect your business, and window film helps them do their job. When you invest in tinted security window film, your can expect several benefits from the added protection:

  • Security window film makes it more difficult for thieves to access to your building.
  • Darker window tints give you increased privacy and protection in vulnerable areas. 
  • Your business will be better protected from glass shards during an accident or act of vandalism.
  • Replacement costs due to graffiti are lower because our specialists can simply replace the film, not the glass.

Safety Glass

Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex provides multiple types of safety glass specifically designed to be more difficult to break, and if it does break, it will be less prone to inflicting injury. Our service professionals work to provide several types of safety glass including fire and bullet resistant options. Different types of safety glass can be provided to your business or home to give you an extra layer of protection.

Tempered Glass

Tempered safety glass is made by heading regular (or annealed) glass uniformly and cooling rapidly by blowing air consistently onto both surfaces simultaneously, a process known as air quenching. This glass can be from 1/8" to 3/4" thick and is about four times stronger than a glass of the same size and width. The tensile strength of this glass makes it able to resist the forces of heat, wind, and impact on the glass. Tempered safety glass qualifies as a safety glazing material because if it does break, it does so in small cubes, reducing the likelihood of serious injury. Another added benefit is that this glass cannot be cut, drilled, or edged.

If you need a repair or replacement on your windows or doors, you can tell if the glass is tempered by a permanent label in the corner of the window.

Laminated and Bullet-Resistant Glass

Laminated safety glass is made from two or more panes of annealed glass joined together by a layer of plastic. By adding multiple layers of glass together, it strengthens the glass further. It can be used for safety applications and other applications such as sound reduction, sloped glazing, and burglar resistance. The lamination process can be performed on clear, tinted, reflective, heat-strengthened, or tempered glass.

Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex strives to provide you with top safety options for your business or home. That is why we have a bullet-resistant glass. This glass is made of several layers of laminate and glass, and in between, the glass is a polycarbonate material that absorbs a bullet's energy. So the thicker the glass, the higher impact the glass can withstand.

You don't have to sacrifice style in exchange for protection. When you contact Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex, be sure to ask about our decorative window tinting, which is available in various styles and textures that will enhance the look of your business inside and out!

State laws regarding the visible light transmission (VLT) of windows and commercial window tinting vary. Security film and window tinting from Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex are not designed to prevent damage from high winds and wind-borne debris.