Pet Doors

Integrate beautiful pet doors into your house with Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex. Our expertly trained service professionals can retrofit a personalized dog door to your existing patio, French, or back door to match your home’s aesthetics. Glass Doctor pairs with top pet door manufacturers to install doggie doors that are high-quality and safe.

Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex offers four sizes of pet doors to fit any animal: small, medium, large and extra-large. No matter the size of your pet, the doors that our experts install expertly designed doors that are quiet, energy-efficient, and long-lasting.

Installation into Existing Glass Doors

The specialists at Glass Doctor will replace once side of your glass door when they install your new pet door and perform the following steps:

  • Our service professionals will measure the thickness, height, and width or your existing door to determine the correct glass pane to obtain.
  • The opening for the pet door will be made, patching all drywall around the cuts, and installing the interior panel of the pet door.
  • The exterior of the opening will be weather-proofed, to make sure severe weather does not enter your home.
  • The frames of the pet door will be installed and fastened together, ensuring that all items are fixed in place.
  • Our experts will perform clean up and double-check to make sure that your pet door is secure and working properly.

Pet Doors

The dog doors supplied to Glass Doctor are made from the best materials to include a fusion-welded frame and a thermal pane safety glass. They are built with insulated glass and a double-walled flap to help keep your home cool during the summer and warm during the winter. The doors manage your home’s security system by opening, sliding, and locking closed.

If you do not have a regular patio door, don’t worry. The service professional at Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex can fit pet doors on a variety of existing door glass and frames. Call us at (972) 685-6823 or schedule an appointment for an in-home consultation and your doggie door will be installed in no time!

Types of Doors

Door Unit: A high performance pet door for a variety of doors.

Electronic Unit: Has security and animal access control for optimal safety.

Wall Unit: Security pet doors that are installed in walls.