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Door Closer Repair Service

Automatic closers for glass doors are often an afterthought until something goes wrong. A problem with your business' door closer can be more than a nuisance. Safety is at stake if a door closes too fast. Comfort or security may be compromised if the door closes too slowly or ends up misaligned. Fortunately the experts at Glass Doctor® of Forth Worth Metroplex can tackle more than glass repair, we have the solution to stuck or damaged doors too.

Common Door Closer Problems

  • Wrong type: It's important that your closer be the right type to fit your door. Heavy doors require closers with strong springs, and lighter doors need less pull. The wrong closer installed on your door can lead to problems. If the door won't close all the way, you may have too light of a spring installed. If the closer works too fast or causes misalignment against the frame, it might be too heavy for your door. 
  • Bad installation: Much expertise goes in to installing a door closer. This is not a job well suited for an unsupervised beginner. Improper installation of your door closer can result in misalignment of your door, and it might make the door awkward to operate or even cause damage to your door frame. A poorly installed door closer may close too fast on an unsuspecting customer. Or it may create problems for your employees trying to close or lock the door.
  • Improper maintenance: A door closer is a surprising sophisticated contraption that requires routine maintenance attention to assure proper functioning. Door closers need regular adjustments by trained experts. They also have plenty of screws, springs, seals and gears that need to be inspected from time to time, and regular lubrication is a must. Neglecting any of these maintenance issues can spell trouble for your door closer, and a troubled closer can sometimes be a dangerous one.

Solutions from Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex

You can trust your team of door closer specialists at Glass Doctor to select the precise closer your door needs and to install it properly. The experienced professionals at Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex are thoroughly trained to detect problems before they happen and make sure your door closer will operate as safely and as efficiently as possible. You can rest assured all installation and maintenance work our team does on your closer will be in keeping with your manufacturer's warranty contracts offering you peace of mind for many years.

To assure your door closer maintenance stays on track, Glass Doctor of Fort Worth offers a special maintenance program by which our team will visit your location on a regular schedule to make routine adjustments and repairs that will lead to a long, safe, productive life for the closers on your property.

Make sure your glass doors open and close as smoothly and safely as possible. Contact Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex today to set up a consultation visit with our experts.