Custom Mirrors

Elegance, functionality and simplicity are important elements of versatile home decor; mirrors achieve all three factors. Traditional and custom designed mirror enhance any room with a touch of elegance. When strategically placed, mirrors reflect natural light to illuminate dark spaces. Decorating with mirrors is a matter of deciding where a reflective surface best suits your existing decor. Glass Doctor® of Fort Worth Metroplex works with you every step of the way to make remodeling with custom glass and mirrors an easy process.

Let Your Mirrors Work for You

Mirrors change the look and feel of your home by illuminating walls and corners. They capture and release light, allowing it to draw attention to your favorite focal point or a must-see work of art. At Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex, our glass specialists share creative ideas for custom glass and mirrors that function in new and traditional ways.

  • Draw attention to an existing arrangement of art or collectibles 
  • Use a single big, bold mirror to create a dynamic focal point
  • Enhance small areas of your home to make them appear more spacious
  • Illuminate any area in your home with reflected light

Use Mirrors However You Choose

At Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex, we’re excited about mirrors because they expand your creative possibilities. With our available options, you customize designs to meet your needs. You choose shapes, edges, glass weight, tint and treatments and we measure, cut and install mirrors matching your creative expectations.

  • Mirrored Shelves: Showcase your awards, trophies and collections
  • Hanging Mirrors: Illuminate wall areas and highlight artwork and furniture
  • Framed or Customized Mirrors: The only work of art you need to adorn an empty wall 

Place Mirrors Wherever You Want

Mirrors are a wonderful design option for any area of your home that demands an infusion of light. This is particularly important in areas without windows or in rooms where light improves your work or play.

  • Bedrooms: Mirrored closet doors, full-length mirrors and mirrored walls give moments of relaxation a hint of glamor and charm.
  • Bathrooms: Your bathroom mirror keeps you on task when you shave, curl, brush your hair or do your make-up. Custom cut mirrors, hanging vanity mirrors and mirrored shelves make your face time an elegant experience.
  • Foyer: An entranceway mirror welcomes guests and lets you do a last minute fashion check before you walk out the door.  
  • Kitchens: Mirrored backsplashes add an element of design to your kitchen that makes food prep time fun.
  • Living Rooms: Mirrors placed above your mantel, on a main wall, or above a sofa add light, give your room a contemporary feel and reveal your attention to home decor detail.  

Make a Mirror Masterpiece

Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex helps you see the unlimited possibilities of designing with mirrors and custom glass. Make your appointment online or call us at 817-424-4100 to schedule your consultation or for more information.