Custom Glass Solutions

Between their beauty, strength and low maintenance needs, glass accessories are among the most popular choices for home decoration. Glass Doctor® of Elkhart offers glass tabletops, doors, mirrors, shelves and other products to make your home beautiful and more functional.

Our products range from simple glass decorations to advanced materials designed to protect your home from heat, sound and ultraviolet light. We are happy to contribute to all home improvement plans, promoting sustainability, security and beauty in our community.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Our specialists are trained to carefully measure and cut glass, and can even design tables and shelves of any size and configuration. Glass Doctor of Elkhart offers laminated and tempered glass products to reduce the risk from broken glass. Laminated glass is designed to remain in one piece even when broken, while tempered glass breaks into blunt chunks that are unlikely to cause injury. With our team, you will never have to choose between safety and beauty.

Custom Mirrors

Mirrors reflect and strengthen natural lighting, making it easier to illuminate your home during the day without using energy. When strategically placed, they also open up the interior, making small spaces appear larger and less crowded. Glass Doctor of Elkhart provides a myriad of mirror models as well as mirror customization services. We will work with you to find or create the ideal glass for your home.

Patio and French Doors

We take both aesthetic and safety concerns into account when installing patio doors, French doors and entryway windows. We offer hurricane-rated glass and other panes capable of resisting damage from even the harshest weather. We also provide double pane windows and other energy-efficient glass products to reduce household electricity use, as well as decorative glass, door glass and other aesthetic upgrades.

Glass Doctor of Elkhart takes pride in offering the quickest custom glass solutions and repair services. We form partnerships with all major glass vendors; this allows us to obtain new panes as soon as damage is reported, minimizing the time it takes to fix your doors.

Low-E Glass Windows

Ultraviolet rays take a toll on the interior of your home. They cause the color of your furniture and carpentry to fade. We provide low-emissivity (Low-E) glass for all windows and doors. Coated with a metallic substance that blocks UV radiation specifically, Low-E glass only reduced natural lighting by 10%.

Contact Glass Doctor of Elkhart and allow our specialists to custom glass decor for your home!