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Double Pane Windows

Your home’s windows are especially vulnerable to changes in weather, but double pane windows installed by the professionals at Glass Doctor® of Elkhart will reduce the detrimental effects. Known in the industry as insulated glass units (IGUs), double pane glass will reduce leakage of climate-controlled air, lowering utility bills and keeping your home more comfortable in all weather extremes.

How IGUs Work

double pane window

By creating a barrier between two or more panes of glass, your windows can significantly reduce the heat exchange between indoor and outdoor temperatures. The space in double pane windows may even be filled with argon, krypton or other inert gases to provide additional insulation. To achieve the best results, the panes are held and place and the air pocket sealed with a spacer, usually made of moisture resistant material called a desiccant. Some windows employ special super spacers, made with low-conductivity material, to reduce the occurrence of condensation between the panes. Even though the initial installation of IGUs is more expensive than traditional single pane glass, the reductions in energy costs will more than make up for the additional cost.

Recognizing Damaged Panes

Insulated glass is not immune to time or weather related damages. As the seasons change, the glass and sealants used will contract and expand, eventually leading to broken seals. Similarly, a single cracked pane will cancel the benefits of double pane windows. The most common warning sign of a broken seal or pane window is condensation accumulation between the panes. Our glass experts can repair double pane glass without replacing the entire window, restoring clear vision and household comfort without the expense of complete replacement.

Whether you are replacing single pane glass or repairing double pane windows, Glass Doctor of Elkhart is your complete window repair and replacement company. We will always look at the feasibility of repairing the existing windows first, but will be prepared to install new glass when it cannot be avoided. To learn more about window replacement in Goshen or surrounding areas schedule an in-home consultation with us today. 

Keep the frame, replace the glass.