Professional Custom Mirrors in Elkhart, IN

Enhance the beauty of your home with custom mirrors from Glass Doctor® of Elkhart. We offer a variety of custom glass solutions and decor options to provide you with the functionality you need to complement your home.

When you choose Glass Doctor of Elkhart for your custom mirror needs you can rest assured our professional glass specialists will be there to assist you from beginning to end. We offer professional measuring services, assistance with product selection and specialized installation for custom mirrored shelving, accent mirrors, mirrored shower doors, etc.

Mirror Enhancements to Décor

Create the Illusion of Additional Space

Mirrors are an excellent solution for creating the illusion of a larger space and can make a small or enclosed space seem much more open. Custom mirrors strategically placed to reflect ceilings, walls, doorways and lighting can effectively transform narrow hallways, small entryways and less spacious rooms into inviting spaces.

Contact Glass Doctor of Elkhart today for a professional in-home consultation to help you with mirrors and other custom glass decoration placement. Some of our most popular custom mirror options include:

  • Mirrored Walls: Small or narrow hallways and entryways appear more inviting with fully mirrored walls.
  • Mirrored Backsplashes: Create depth in your kitchen with custom backsplashes.
  • Statement Mirrors: Custom-made mirrors are an excellent way to create a focal point above your fireplace or headboard.

Enhance the Beauty of Existing Home Decor and Art

Custom mirrors and other custom glass decor make excellent accent pieces and they draw attention to the beauty of art, collectibles and wall arrangements. Glass Doctor of Elkhart offers a wide variety of unique finishes, edges, tints and specialty frames that can be customized. Check out some of our custom mirror options below for inspiration.

  • Mirrored Shelving: Create a panoramic view of sculptures, collectibles and unique artwork with custom-designed mirrored shelving.
  • Hanging Mirrors: You can highlight your favorite collectibles by installing handing mirrors that direct natural lighting to a specific area of your home.
  • Framed Mirrors: Add inspiration and reflect your unique personality with custom framed mirrors.

Custom Mirrors to Brighten Your Home

Hanging mirrors, mirrored closet doors, mirrored shower doors and mirrored tabletops can be extremely effective in spreading both natural and artificial light throughout your home. Even the darkest of spaces can be brightened with the proper placement of mirrors. Some of the types of mirrors to consider in order to enhance your home’s lighting include:

  • Mirrored Closet Doors: Installing a mirrored closet reflects the natural light from windows and creates a warm and inviting bedroom.
  • Mirrored Tabletops: Artificial lighting from lamps can be enhanced with the use of mirrored tabletops.
  • Hanging Mirrors: Place hanging mirrors across from windows or behind table lamps to reflect light to darker areas.

Enhance Your Home's Beauty with Mirrors

Contact the glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Elkhart today and discover how custom mirrors and other custom glass decor can complement your existing home decor. Our specialists offer consultations, professional measuring services, advice and inspiration.