Auto Glass Care

Windshield maintenance is not just about ensuring your vehicle looks good, it’s about keeping the passengers inside of it safe. When you find a crack or chip in your windshield or windows, call Glass Doctor® of Elkhart to schedule an auto glass repair or replacement. Our glass specialists follow the Auto Glass Safety Council’s™ (AGSC) best practices to restore the clarity and safety of your glass.

Windshield Repair

Windshields play a major role in auto safety, as they are part of the safety restraint system. A windshield that’s free of cracks, chips, or breaks ensures proper airbag deployment in a collision and keeps occupants within the vehicle. According to the AGSC, a windshield accounts for up to 45% of the cabin’s structural integrity in a front-end collision and up to 60% of the vehicle’s structural integrity in a rollover accident.

At Glass Doctor of Elkhart, we recommend that you schedule an auto glass repair as soon as you notice any chips or cracks in your windshield. When it’s a safe option, our glass specialists always repair windshield impacts to save you time and money, following AGSC standards and best practices. In general, repairs take less than one hour to complete.

If your auto insurance carrier covers windshield repairs, please let us know. We’ll happily file the windshield claim on your behalf.

Windshield Replacements

In some instances, windshield replacements are safer and more effective than repairs. Glass Doctor of Elkhart specialists take into account factors such as the type of glass used in your windshield, as well as the impact’s size, location and age.

If your windshield is damaged and made of tempered glass, our glass specialists will always replace it. The same is true for other types of auto glass made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is designed to break apart into safer pieces upon impact, so a repair will not restore its original strength.

Windshield Protection

​When Glass Doctor of Elkhart replaces your windshield, we’ll cover it with the Windshield Protection Plan for the 12 months following the installation date. With the guarantee, if normal road hazards damage the new windshield, we’ll replace it or perform an auto glass repair free of charge.

For an additional cost, the Future Installation Plan covers with the Windshield Protection Plan does not—the cost of labor, windshield installation kit, and molding clips. It also includes extra services, such as the hydrophobic coating glass protectant treatment and new windshield wipers.

Auto Glass Repair for Your Vehicle

Glass Doctor of Elkhart can repair or replace the auto glass on most types of vehicles, including RVs and commercial vehicles. In addition to windshields, our glass specialists follow AGSC techniques and industry best practices for safe and successful results for auto glass such as:

  • Passenger windows
  • Head- and taillight covers
  • Quarter glass
  • Rear windshields
  • Sunroof
  • Side and rearview mirrors

As the glass specialists repair your auto glass, they will take great care to protect technologies that depend on it, like temperature sensors and antennas.

Auto Glass Repair for Fleets

Your fleet is the face of your business on the streets and highways, so it is important that they look their best and protect their occupants. Glass Doctor of Elkhart's commercial vehicle program gives local business owners exclusive savings on auto glass repairs and replacements. We also perform heavy glass machinery repair and replacement, including work on tractors, cranes and excavators. Windshield replacements on commercial vehicles include the Windshield Protection Plan and a new set of wiper blades.

Don’t put off an auto glass repair any longer; contact Glass Doctor of Elkhart today to schedule an appointment.