Commercial Door Closer Service

Great customer service begins the moment an individual walks through the door. Make sure that your business’ first impression begins with a door that works properly. Glass Doctor® provides commercial door closer repair and door closer maintenance services, ensuring the safety of commercial doors and all those who walk through them.

What Is a Commercial Door Closer, and How Does It Work?

Commercial door closers allow individuals to easily open and pass through doors without having to physically close them. A properly installed door closer works like this:

  • It causes a user to feel some resistance as they begin to open the door, giving them a sense of how heavy the door is.
  • After the initial resistance, the door smoothly glides open.
  • When a user lets go of the door, a spring in the door closer forces the mechanism’s arm to close gently until the door returns to the frame.

Who Needs Commercial Door Closers?

Commercial door closers are used widely. From hospitals to schools, small businesses, restaurants and everything in between, most businesses can benefit from the installation of commercial door closers. They can be installed on a variety of new and existing doors.

Types of Commercial Door Closers

There are several types of commercial door closers available to business owners. When choosing one, business owners should consider the following:

  • Are you retrofitting an old door or replacing your current door?
  • Where is the door located, and is it an exterior door?
  • How often will the door be used?
  • What is my price range?
  • What aesthetic am I seeking for my space?

Commercial door closers come in several types and styles, some of which are specific to the type of door or opening.

Top-mounted door jambs may be the most widely used. These three types of door closers are mounted at the top of a commercial door.

  • Top jamb - used frequently for glass storefront doors
  • Regular arm – most power efficient, mounted on the exterior of the door
  • Parallel arm – used frequently in schools, attractive and less susceptible to vandalism

Other styles of door closers include these:

  • Concealed – fitted into the door or the doorframe and hidden from sight
  • Floor-spring – concealed and mounted to the floor
  • Surface-mounted – fitted to the doorframe, usually most cost-effective

Your local Glass Doctor is available for consultation to help you select the right door closer style based on your door, opening and business type. Contact a Glass Doctor location near you today.

Commercial Door Closer Installation

How to Install a Commercial Door Closer

Should you choose to install a commercial door closer at your business, your local Glass Doctor will send a technician to your business to:

  1. Identify the right door closer for your door.
  2. Prepare the door and doorframe for installation.
  3. Install necessary hardware to both the doorframe and door.
  4. Connect both pieces of the commercial door closer.

Commercial Door Closer Repair and Commercial Door Closer Maintenance

At Glass Doctor, our technicians frequently replace or repair commercial door closers. We commonly encounter five key problems:

  • Incorrect Types of Door Closers
    Heavy doors require strong door closers with strong springs. If a door has the wrong type of closer, it poses safety risks, leads to misalignments and can damage the closer or the door.
  • Improperly Installed and Adjusted Door Closers
    Poorly installed door closers lead a risk of doorframe damage and misalignment. The specialists at Glass Doctor use the right tools to install and maintain a door closer and its springs. Ensuring to:
    • Maximize the lifespan of door closers
    • Have door closers remain in good working conditions
    • Prevent abnormal or unexpected movements of the doors
  • Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels
    Broken seals expose clearance gaps, leave hardware vulnerable and may cause lubricant leaks. Oil leaks generally indicate a mechanical problem with a door closer, such as a missing screw, failed seals or broken O-rings. It’s important to have a professional replace the oil in a door closer; a lack of lubrication causes doors to open or close too quickly, potentially causing injury to a person or the door itself.
  • Door Is Difficult to Lock
    A door that’s difficult to lock poses a security risk. It also affects the well-being of the doorframe, locking mechanism and door closer.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

If your door closer is under warranty, don’t accidentally void the contract by having an untrained individual attempt repairs. The specialists at Glass Doctor receive extensive training to install, maintain and repair door closers. Our door closer repair and maintenance services ensure that the components on a door remain in good working condition and are safe to use. In addition to offering door closer repair services, our specialists are also fully trained to help with doorframes, glass repairs, hinges, thresholds and other hardware.

Ready to install, repair or replace your commercial door closer? Contact your local Glass Doctor to learn more about our door closer repair services or to schedule an on-site consultation.

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