Lexan Glass Sneeze Guards and Plexiglass Shields

Whether you operate a grocery store, bank, pharmacy or other business – if your employees interact closely with the public, it’s time to consider installing a custom sneeze guard at your business. With a custom glass barrier from your local Glass Doctor®, you can limit the spread of pathogens like those that cause the flu, common cold and coronavirus (COVID-19).

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What Is a Sneeze Guard?

A sneeze guard can be defined as a plexi-, tempered- or Lexan-glass barrier designed to protect food, goods and individuals from the spread of airborne germs. Sneeze guards aren’t just for buffets. The glass barriers you see at other businesses, such as gas stations and post offices, are also a type of sneeze guard used to preserve employee and customer health.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, these glass barriers have become more important than ever.

Lexan, Plexiglass or Glass: What Are Sneeze Guards Made Of?

Sneeze guards are commonly made of three materials:

  • Plexiglass
    Made of acrylic, plexiglass shields are light weight and more scratch resistant than Lexan shields. Plexiglass shields are known to resist yellowing and are stronger than standard glass.
  • Lexan Glass
    Similar to plexiglass, Lexan is not glass at all but a polycarbonate resin thermoplastic. Lexan is best suited for situations where it may be impacted, because it is more flexible than plexiglass or regular glass.
  • Standard Glass
    For permanent applications glass may be a better option because of its, stability and increased resistance to scratching over plexiglass and Lexan glass.

The choice of glass barrier material depends on several factors, including the location of installation and how permanent you desire the installation to be. If your installation is permanent, consider standard glass. If your installation is seasonal or semi-permanent, consider a Lexan or plexiglass shield, as both options are easier to move and, in some cases, less expensive than standard glass.

How Do Sneeze Guards and Glass Barriers Work?

Sneeze guards and glass barriers work as a blockade between workers and the public. They physically block the trajectory of respiratory droplets. They may also serve as a visual reminder to use proper hygiene to prevent the spread of germs.

The most effective sneeze guards are tall enough to protect an individual whether they are standing or sitting. They should cover the full interaction space and offer some side protection. Glass barriers for virus protection should be fixed in place using appropriate hardware. There may be a cutout or slot for the exchange of goods or payment, but that window should remain small and low, away from people’s faces.

Countertop Sneeze Guard Requirements

Sneeze guards for buffets or for use in restaurants during normal times are governed by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). You can learn more about food safety regulations by visiting foodsafety.gov.

Glass Doctor’s local teams work with small businesses and national chains to deliver and install glass shields and glass barriers for any business desiring to protect their employees and customers from transmission of airborne pathogens.

  • Large enough to protect employees from exposure
  • Made with safety (tempered), Lexan glass or plexiglass
  • Professionally installed

Glass type and installation are of particular importance for keeping people safe. Standard glass products may be more likely to shatter or break – especially if the unit is not professionally installed and secured.

Permanent vs Temporary Sneeze Guards

Sneeze guards may be temporary or permanent. While they both serve the same purpose, permanent and temporary sneeze guards vary in their composition, installation, and longevity. Glass Doctor offers custom temporary and permanent sneeze guards. Learn more about your options.

Let Glass Doctor Set Up Your Sneeze Guards

Our service professionals are proud to offer members of many communities another level of protection against infectious diseases like coronavirus. We’re taking extra precautions to keep from spreading coronavirus while on the job. Whether you’re interested in countertop sneeze guards, Lexan or plexiglass shield for your employees or you need your window to be repaired, choose Glass Doctor for reliable service.

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