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Double Pane Windows

Texas temperatures shift drastically from day to night, every day. Monday afternoon might be 90 degrees, but by Tuesday morning you’re looking for your overcoat. These extreme differences in temperature fall heavily on your home, especially straining your windows, weakening their seals and increasing the heat transfer between the interior and exterior of your home. As the seals weaken, your utility bills rise as your heater and air conditioner work harder and harder to keep the climate inside your home controlled.

The Insulated Solution

double pane window

Double pane window repair or upgrades from Glass Doctor® of Tyler, TX combat broken seals and reduces heat transfer in your home. Our insulated glass units (IGUs) provide an additional barrier of protection against heat transfer, keeping the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. By maintaining a stable temperature inside, your heater and air conditioner don’t work as hard, and you save money.

Repair And Replacement

The specialists at Glass Doctor® of Tyler, TX are well trained in double pane window repair and replacement. We strive to save our customers money whenever we can, so our team focuses on repair over replacement whenever possible. With IGUs, there are two common repair issues, both of which are related to a broken seal. If you notice the glass become milky or you see water between the panes, the seal is broken, and you need to call us right away for double pane window repair. If there is catastrophic damage to the window, or you want to upgrade to an IGU, our team will quote you a fair price for the work, often much lower than you anticipate. We look forward to working with you!

How Current Window Models Work

An IGU is a double pane window that features a pocket of air between the panes. The space can be filled with argon or krypton gas to eliminate the transfer of heat from pane to pane. During the day, sunlight and outside air warm the exterior pane. The air or gas in the space prevents the exterior pane from warming the interior pane, which leads to lower temperatures inside the home. In the winter, the situation works in reverse.

Some windows also include desiccant filled spacer. The desiccant absorbs moisture. Condensation is the natural enemy of double paned windows, and the desiccant’s protection against moisture extends the life and efficiency of the window. The entire unit is sealed tight in order to prevent the loss of air or water build-up in the window.

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