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Custom Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of Cypress specialists are ready to design and create custom glass decor made to bring your home new life. Our team provides a variety of custom glass decor services for mirrors, tables, shelving, outdoor furnishings and more. No matter if your tastes are traditional or modern, Glass Doctor of Cypress has the resources to create your custom glass decor designs.

Interior Glass Customizations

The interior of your home speaks volumes about your personal style. Glass Doctor of Cypress specialists offer free, professional consultation services to determine the best pieces for your home. We review your glass tinting, edging and safety options, so the tabletops, shelving or other pieces meet your exact specifications.

Glass Tabletops

Protecting furniture and retouching existing glass on tabletops is an excellent investment. Consider upgrading your old table base with a new glass pane or protect vintage pieces with a glass topper. Safety is our priority, so we will consult with you about the best type of glass for the project, especially if you have young children using the space.

Shelving Solutions

Bring a renewed sense of style and comfort to your home with the addition of custom glass shelving. It is an excellent way to brighten and use space in your home that would otherwise be empty. Customization for glass shelving can include color, tinting or even custom cuts for purely unique look. Our glass experts are able to hang glass shelving of various sizes to fit your exact measurements.

Custom Mirrors

Creating your dream custom glass decor is easy when you employee custom mirror services. Our glass specialists will create a variety of unique interior pieces that highlight your personal taste and style. Glass Doctor of Cypress can restore glass mirrors including framed mirrors, hanging mirrors, mirrored shelves, and floor to ceiling mirrors. Brighten and lengthen the interior of your home with the Glass Doctor of Cypress.

Exterior Custom Glass Decor

At Glass Doctor of Cypress, our glass specialists will help you create your dream home with restoration of windows and doors. Broken doors can be difficult to replace, but our specialists are trained to renovate and update doors. We provide glass inserts for interior and exterior entrances, including patio and French doors.The glass of any exterior door should provide your home with protection equal to a window. We recommend double-pane glass for most homes, and offer decorative panes for interior pieces.

Weather Protected Glass

Glass Doctor of Cypress has a variety of glass options available to shield your home from weather. They include:

  • All-weather glass that will meet regulations or exceed regulations
  • Glass inserts that are energy-efficient
  • Hurricane-rated laminate glass
  • Low-E glass windows

Low-Emissivity Reflective Tinting

Even when the sun is at it's brightest, our low-emissivity (Low-E) window panes protect your home or office from harmful ultraviolet rays. Low-E glass features a metallic coating that reduces UV light transmission by about 10%. The protection from the UV rays allows the interior of your home, such as carpets, rugs, furniture and other furnishings to last longer than normal windows.

Enjoy Our Glass Decor Additions

No matter the size of the piece, we aim to satisfy you with the final product. Consult a Glass Doctor of Cypress specialist today to discover the difference glass decor will make in your space. Meta Description: Find unique, custom glass decor from the Glass Doctor of Cypress. Visit our Glass Doctor of Cypress to meet with a glass expert today.