Shower Door and Bathtub Surround Options & Accessories

Glass shower doors and tub enclosures provide both a visually stunning focal point and extended usability in your Cypress home. In addition to their immediate benefits, redoing a bathroom by adding a glass shower door significantly increases the resale value of a home.

The glass specialists at Glass Doctor® of Cypress can help you through the shower renovation from start to finish. Not only will our glass specialists advise on the design, installation and budget concerns, but they will also make excellent recommendations on the features and fixtures that will best suit your bathroom. Our custom shower doors and tub enclosures bring unique and fresh decoration to your home through framed or frameless glass doors.

Shower Door and Tub Enclosure Considerations

Before our glass specialists can make any recommendations for your new glass shower door or tub enclosure, we need some information on the configuration and size of your bathroom.

  • Measurements: While you can take measurements yourself, it is best to schedule an appointment with one of our glass specialists. They will be able to provide an accurate cost estimate and eliminate potential measurement errors that may occur during the installation process.
  • Configuration: The current construction of the walls and floor of your bathroom largely determine the size and maximum weight of glass that can be installed. It is also important to know where the supporting studs are located in your walls.
  • Ventilation: Moisture will build up without adequate ventilation resulting in peeling paint and mold growth. Glass Doctor of Cypress recommends the installation of glass steam room kits to provide additional ventilation in your shower if it is completely tiled. Otherwise, allow the experts at Glass Doctor of Cypress to perform a proper inspection and determine the safety of your shower's current ventilation.

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

To gain ideas for your new shower door or tub enclosure, our team provides several examples to explain the design, process and installation of a new glass enclosure. These are several examples that show the ability of Glass Doctor of Cypress

To get started on your new shower door or tub enclosure, schedule an in-home consultation with Glass Doctor of Cypress today for custom glass shower doors or tub enclosures that will become the highlight of your bathroom.