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Windshield Repair and Replacement

The Glass Doctor® of Cypress team works hard to keep customers safe on the roads. If your windshield or auto glass is damaged, call us immediately to schedule your auto glass repair service. Our specialists are eager to restore your safety and visibility as soon as possible, and we always accommodate your schedule and design preferences too.

On-Site Emergency Repairs

Your windshield doesn't just show you the road ahead; it also keeps your vehicle intact and protects you from outside elements. Damaged windshields may compromise your structural integrity even if the damage doesn't interfere with your line of sight, so it's important to call us immediately to ensure passenger safety. Our specialists will come straight to you with our mobile repair unit, ready to patch your minor cracks or replace your windshield with a brand new pane. Cracks may qualify for repairs if they are shorter than three inches long, while chips should be smaller than 3/8 inch.

Benefits of Windshield Glass Repair

Sometimes, our specialists determine that damage is too extensive for repairs. However, we never make this decision lightly because we know that windshield repairs are faster, safer and more affordable than full replacements. In fact, insurance companies often prefer to cover the costs of repairs. If it's possible to keep your original manufacturer's windshield, our windshield glass repair specialists will save you time and money with a precise repair service.

Cracks and chips may spread or fill with debris over time. If you have minor windshield damage, it's important to act quickly and schedule your repair service right away. Our specialists may only achieve a perfect, clear seal if the chip is dirt-free. Repairs only work on damage that is small and isolated. Schedule your windshield glass repair service before a crack splinters across your windshield or a chip collects debris and impairs your visibility permanently.

Windshield Replacements in Cypress

Windshields are made of laminated safety glass, which holds the pieces intact even if the whole pane shatters. If your windshield or auto glass is shattered or damaged beyond repair, we will replace it with an identical replica of your original glass. We cannot apply sealant to cracks or chips directly in your line of sight, so replacement service is your best option. We also replace windshields with cracks and chips that are too large or too close to the edge, because this compromises your vehicle's structural integrity and increases your risks in rollover and head-on accidents. If your windshield or auto glass is damaged, call Glass Doctor of Cypress right away. We will work hard to restore your safety and visibility, working with your insurance company along the way to make the process affordable too.