Industry Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of Cleveland is committed to serving both residents and local businesses who many need industry glass repair and replacement services. In addition to door closer maintenance and glass repair and replacement, we also offer emergency and large-scale upgrade services.

Sign up for our Commercial Care program and enjoy priority after-hours response, commercial account setup, membership pricing and discounted emergency board-up services. We even offer a 15% discount on all auto glass repairs requested by the property. A team of experts will be ready at any time to meet all of your industry glass repair needs.

Apartments and Condominiums

Maintaining large facilities often means taking care of windows, patio doors, sliding doors, mirrors and other glass services. Enlist the help of our experts and quickly complete upgrades and complete any installation or repair projects. We can even add new life to gyms, shower and locker room areas with safety backing mirrors. As a final bonus, residents will receive a 15% discount on their auto glass.

apartment windows


From plate glass, windows, custom tabletops and mirrors to any outdoor glass solutions, Glass Doctor of Cleveland can complete repairs or new installation projects. You may want to consider installing a partition, windbreak or safety glass in your outdoor spaces to increase comfortability. Our selection of decorative and tinted glass can also be used to create atriums, sliding glass doors and other details that will add light and ambiance. In addition, our specialty glass can also be used to improve food service areas, including buffet sneeze guards and drive-up windows. Whether you want to tackle a new installation or retrofit your existing building, our specialists can help you complete any project.

Schools and Universities

Make Glass Doctor of Cleveland your first choice for all of your glass needs. Call us to install classroom windows and doors, laboratory glass, one-way observation and office glass and any desks or tabletops. We can also help showcase achievements with custom display cases. Our products include a protective glazing solution and fire-resistance glass to increase safety.


Keep your business looking great and running smoothly with our repair and replacement services. Replace old glass doors and windows with energy efficient and low-maintenance upgrades. Highlight your products with display cases, glass shelving, safety walls and specialty partitions. Whether you want to add decorative flair or increase safety, we carry a wide range of glass products to fit your needs. Available options include: etched, beveled, stained and bullet and fire-resistant glass.

Hotels and Motels

With Glass Doctor of Cleveland, you never have to compromise on form or function. Our industry glass repair and installation services can improve any overnight stay with decorative wall, sink and dresser mirrors. Also, be sure to contact us about our frame and frameless shower door options. Take your pool and workout center to the next level with safe and functional glass and mirror products.

Cities and Municipalities

Update and improve city buildings with commercial glass and doors. Our experts can repair entryways, install door closers and help you save money with low-maintenance, energy efficient options. Further protect your building with fire rated safety glass. We can retrofit existing buildings with our remodeling services or be there for you from day one of new construction. With our extensive network of national vendors, we can expedite orders and quickly fulfill special custom glass orders.

Take advantage of our industry glass repair services and get the help you need to keep your facility up-to-date. Our experts are capable of completing any installation, repair or replacement project using only the best products and craftsmanship. Call Glass Doctor of Cleveland today!