Advance Measurement System

As a local and national business, we know businesses do not have time to drop every day tasks to deal with broken windows, doors and other damaged glass inside your building. Glass Doctor® of Cleveland has created plans dedicated to solving glass damage issues at any hour.

Faster Emergency Repairs

A broken window is not only unsafe for employees and customers; it also leaves products exposed to theft and damage from the weather. We offer around-the-clock emergency glass repair and replacement services to secure your buildings quickly and efficiently. A Glass Doctor of Cleveland specialist will be dispatched to your location to close the opening and clean up the glass any time of the day or night.

Business Recovery Plan

To prevent a prolonged board-up, Glass Doctor of Cleveland provides an exclusive Advance Measurement system. A specialist will visit your premises before you need our services and take careful measurements of each glass window and door, and make notes about any specialty or safety glass.

Enroll in this program to ensure rapid repair should your business suffer glass damage. This will save you time and money associated with down time. You'll receive a numbered diagram of your facility for you to easily identify which window, door, or glass product needs to be replaced. We will even preorder any specialty glass or frequently broken glass and keep it in stock for you. That way, we'll arrive with exactly the right glass on the first visit to save you time and money.

Unbeatable Convenience

To make the glass repair and replacement process even smoother for you, Glass Doctor of Cleveland will pre-establish credit and set up an account for your company ahead of time. This gives us all the information we need to facilitate a complete repair without holding you back. You'll enjoy the fastest glass repair services and hassle-free billing.

Keep Your Business Running

Your priority is keeping your business safe and running smoothly. Our priority is making sure you are not slowed down by broken glass. A business recovery plan from Glass Doctor of Cleveland is an easy way for us to tackle all your glass repair and replacement needs without interrupting your daily operations. To learn more about a business recovery plan from Glass Doctor of Cleveland, call or schedule an appointment online today!