Double Pane Windows

Homes across the Cleveland area are exposed to harsh winters and extreme weather conditions that can test the limits of any window. It is inevitable that these forces of nature will wear down even the strongest windows and cause leaks that make it difficult to maintain a constant temperature in your home. Glass Doctor® of Cleveland carries a large selection of insulated glass units (IGUs) and offers double pane window replacement. We can restore broken seals and replace old windows. If your windows have taken on a milky appearance or they are starting to collect condensation, it is time to give our experts a call.

Insulated glass windows feature a special design that helps maintain a constant temperature in your home throughout the changing seasons. You and your family will enjoy a comfortable and pleasant environment without having to constantly adjust the thermostat. During the winter, IGUs will work to reduce heat transmittance through gaping leaks and when summer arrives, they will prevent heat from entering your home. Reflective properties actually work to allow natural light while blocking heat and other harmful UV rays from infiltrating your home. This means that your heating and air conditioning units don't have to work nearly as hard and you can save money every month on utility bills.

Insulated Glass Design

double pane window

Each unit employs a simple yet efficient design. An insulated spacer that also acts as a sealant separates two panes. Depending on the model, the space is either filled with a moisture absorbing material known as a desiccant or a warm-edge spacer. The perimeter of the window is then thoroughly sealed to prevent moisture and the build-up of condensation. Often times, krypton or argon gas is added to provide an additional layer of protection.

While this design has been engineered to achieve a maximum lifespan, parts can fail and erode over time. Fortunately, you can invest in double pane window replacement and get your windows back to looking and working just like new. Simply give our expert a call and we can help determine whether your windows are good candidates for our services.

Insulated Glass Replacement

At Glass Doctor of Cleveland, we also offer complete insulated window glass replacement services. You can update old drafty windows and decrease your utility bills all while adding value to your home. In some cases, you may not even have to replace the entire window. We have the skills and experience to install insulated glass replacement panes in your existing frames.

Don’t spend another summer sweating it out in a sweltering home or another winter bundled up in your own living room. Call us today and learn more about how simple and affordable it can be to take advantage of our double pane window installation services. We feel confident that it won’t take long for you to see why Glass Doctor is Cleveland’s go-to source for window replacement services.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.