Emergency Business Glass Services

When a broken window or door interrupts your business, you need an immediate solution that will secure your building and get you back up and running. Glass Doctor® of Cleveland provides emergency commercial glass repair services any time of the day or night. A team of experts is just a phone call way. They will arrive onsite, clean up and remove any broken glass and debris, board up the building and take measurements for glass replacement.

Faster Emergency Repairs

To help ensure that your business returns to normal as quickly as possible, you can enroll in our Advance Measurement system. Before you even experience an emergency a glass specialist will visit your building, take precise measurements and create a detailed diagram of all the glass surfaces. If a piece of glass is damaged, all you have to do is call and use the diagram to report the number of the broken glass. Armed with the information, we can pull the appropriate glass from our extensive stock, make any cuts and install your new glass all in one visit.

There is no need to schedule a consultation or waste time and money with temporarily boarding up the problem. You can even pre-establish credit and contact information to further expedite the entire process and make payment hassle free.

Avoid lengthy repair times and make sure you have protection in place before an accident even happens when you take advantage of Glass Doctor's Advance Measurement system. This is especially important and convenient for any business that happens to experience frequent breaks and damage. If timely repairs are of the utmost importance to you, be sure to also look into our in-stock replacement program. With this additional service, we will keep extra glass products in stock and on hand so that you can enjoy that absolute fastest replacement times available.

Commercial Care

For Cleveland area businesses that regularly need commercial glass repair services, Glass Doctor of Cleveland also offers an exclusive Commercial Care program that will help save you both time and money. Under this program you will enjoy:

  • Top priority for after hour response projects
  • A team of highly trained specialists whoa re dedicated to your business
  • Discounts on our emergency board-up services
  • Commercial account setup assistance
  • Special membership only pricing on all the work we complete

In addition to commercial glass repair services, Glass Doctor of Cleveland is also a great resource for all your glass installation and replacement needs. Our custom glass doors, shelves, mirrors, and other products will not only help increase safety, but also improve energy efficiency and the overall look and feel of your business. Whether you want to step up your curb appeal, better showcase your products or add more ambiance to the interior of your building, we can help you set a budget, choose products and complete your glass project.

Want to start a new glass project or simply take the necessary steps to make sure that your business is prepared for any emergency? Call Glass Doctor of Cleveland today and schedule a consultation. We will work with you to make sure that your business is able to quickly bounce back from any emergency with little interruption.