Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Using glass in your home decor delivers a classic appeal to your aesthetic. Custom glass tabletops lend sleek elegance and a classic design to any dining area. Glass shelving gives weightless storage for showcasing your valuables or organizing in style. Glass Doctor® of Cleveland creates custom glass surfaces that are just right for every home and every budget.

Glass Decor for Every Home

Custom Tabletops

Our glass specialists provide consultations in your home so you are sure the measurements are perfect and the style matches without flaw. Whether you need a replacement tabletop for an antique table or custom tabletops for new furniture, our experts have the expertise and experience to give you the right solutions.

Your choices are not limited to traditional tabletops, either. We will construct custom tabletops for writing desks, coffee tables, antique furniture or conference room tables, too.

Custom Glass Shelving

Because glass shelving allows light to pass through, it contributes to your storage space without cluttering up your rooms. Feel free to use glass shelving on entire walls, or place them all the way up to the ceiling without making it seem like the walls are closing in. When you get an in-home consultation for your shelving, a Glass Doctor of Cleveland specialist will measure not only the walls and room space, but also the items you need to fit on the shelves to ensure a perfect fit upon installation.

Graphic of different glass edges

Creating the Perfect Finish

At Glass Doctor of Cleveland, we don't want all of our installations to look the same. Instead, we want each of our products to be a reflection of the homeowner. We offer a number of options for finishing your custom tabletops and glass shelving to guarantee you achieve a unique piece.

We have edging choices that include round, oval and square as well as more textured finishes such as waterfall or beveled edges. Try tinted glass for a bit of contrast while blocking harmful UV rays that damage your furniture and your treasures on display. If you have little ones in the home, try safety glass to protect against sharp edges if the glass gets broken.

No Obligation Consultation

You don't have to settle for plain, store-bought glass shelving and tabletops. Let the experts at Glass Doctor of Cleveland give you a custom solution you will love. Get a no-obligation consultation in your home where you can relax and let us do the work for you. Call (216) 391-7035 or schedule your appointment online today!