Door Closer Repair Service

For any business, maintaining a professional environment is essential to garnering clients. First impressions are especially important, so ensuring the doors to your business are properly maintained is essential. Glass Doctor® of Cleveland has years of experience caring for businesses' doors. We will perform routine maintenance on door closers, replace broken locks and install fresh sealant. We aim to protect your doors from disrepair and keep your business running smoothly.

How a Door Closer Functions

A manual door closer is meant to allow a door to close automatically behind a customer who enters the store. When a door closer is installed, a customer should feel slight resistance when applying pressure to the door. The door should then open smoothly. A properly maintained door closer will activate a spring when pressure on the door is released, which then allows the door to close slowly and quietly.

Wrong Door Closers to Use

Heavier doors need stronger springs in order for the door closer mechanism to work correctly. Not only does an incorrect door closer pose a safety hazard to employees and customers, any wrong measurements will cause damage to the door components over time.

Door Closers Maintenance

Our highly skilled glass specialists have the resources needed to provide expert maintenance for door closers of any kind, keeping both the door and the door closer mechanism from damage. Some potential problems presented by improperly installing door closers include:

  • Door opens in a strange, awkward fashion
  • Damage to the doorframe can be seen
  • Misalignments of the entire door

Repairing Seals and Oil Leaks

When the seals on door closers are compromised, this will cause oil to leak and leave other components to the door vulnerable to damage. When lubricant leaks this is typically a sign of an O-ring breaking, a broken seal or the absence of a screw, nut or other piece of hardware. One of the most important aspects of door maintenance is keeping the door closer adequately lubricated. Without oil, your doors will close and open too fast which can pose a safety hazard.

Difficulty Locking a Door

Doors that have stubborn locks undermine the security of your business but also cause damage to the doorframe, door closer and locking components themselves over time. Ask Glass Doctor of Cleveland to have these issues resolved immediately.

Various Door Maintenance Services

To keep your warranty in tact, avoid employing assistance from any unqualified technicians to perform door maintenance or repairs. Our seasoned glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Cleveland are fully trained to handle any issues you may have. Aside from providing door closer repair or replacement, our specialists are also thoroughly trained in other door components such as thresholds, hinges, doorframes and hardware components. Take advantage of our door maintenance program to keep your business running smoothly from open to close.

Learn more about the wide variety of services Glass Doctor of Cleveland provides by calling today or simply fill out a service request online to schedule a consultation on-site during a time that works best for you.