Custom Mirrors

Give your Cuyahoga County home a brilliant, personal touch with a custom mirror from Glass Doctor® of Cleveland. We offer professional design services and a variety of custom options that you will not find in retail stores. The stress-free design process ensures your custom creation is the right size and perfect complement to your existing decor.

Custom Mirrors Deliver Beautiful Benefits

Add Depth While Creating the Illusion of Space

Using a custom mirror to make a space seem larger and more open is a professional design trick that you can use in any area of your home. When you meet with a glass specialist from Glass Doctor of Cleveland during an in-home consultation, we make recommendations for the best places to use a mirror to create the look of your dreams.

The following types of custom mirrors are popular among homeowners in Akron, Canton, Elyria, Medina and the surrounding areas:

  • Grand statement mirror: Add depth to space with a large mirror above a headboard, fireplace or console table
  • Mirrored wall: Make small spaces appear larger and instantly brighter with floor-to-ceiling mirrors
  • Backsplash mirrors: Use mirrors instead of tiles along backsplashes to give a bathroom or kitchen a modern look

Highlight Art and Home Decor

Mirrors are great for displaying art, collectibles and treasured pieces. Ideas for using mirrors in your home include:

  • Mirrored displays: Use mirrors in the back of cabinets or as shelves to get a 360-degree view of your items
  • Framed mirror: Combine framed mirrors with photos or artwork to give a wall added interest
  • Wall-mounted mirror: Hang a mirror strategically to direct light to a piece of art

Amplify Lighting

A mirror fantastically reflects artificial and natural light, instantly brightening a space without installing additional lamps. Mirrored tabletops create a similar effect when you have limited wall space. Other clever ways to use a custom mirror include:

  • Bedroom mirror: Boost lighting by hanging mirrors on closet doors and vanity tables, or above nightstands and dressers
  • Mounted mirror: Instantly increase artificial lighting by mounting mirrors behind sconces, lamps or other sources of light

Mirrors as Statement Pieces

When you create a custom mirror with Glass Doctor of Cleveland, you can choose from a variety of frames, tints and edge styles. It's simple to design one that matches your unique style. Use a large framed mirror above the bathroom sink to create a high-end look. Full-length mirrors in hallways or closet doors give you a full-body view before you walk out the door.

A custom mirror is an affordable option when you want to make a space more engaging and interesting. Call Glass Doctor of Cleveland today to schedule an in-home consultation to learn how to use custom mirrors to your advantage.