Security Film

Your window glass keeps your business safe and comfortable by keeping out harsh weather conditions and dangerous vandals. Give your company an extra layer of defense with business security film from Glass Doctor® of Charlotte.

Business Security Film

Added Security

Business security film helps to keep your building safe in several ways. First, if vandals are unable to get a clear view inside, they will be far less likely to try to break in. Second, if the glass does become broken, you will be protected from dangerous glass shards. Business security film will even keep graffiti repair costs down, as only the film must be replaced instead of the entire piece of glass.

Greater Comfort

Along with better protection, business security glass will also help you keep the temperature and lighting at more comfortable levels while reducing the need for heating and cooling systems and artificial lighting. Business security glass will:

  • Reduce screen glare for employees working at computer stations.
  • Keep hot rays from the sun out to reduce the need for air conditioning.
  • Add a bit of privacy by making it slightly difficult to see inside.

Sunlight Redirecting Film

The latest innovation in business security film is sunlight redirecting film. Rather than block or filter sunlight entirely, this film changes the direction of the light as it enters the window and directs it toward the ceiling. This creates a space that is naturally lit while keeping direct glares out of your eyes and reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Free Consultation

The specialists at Glass Doctor of Charlotte will expertly install every type of window film to ensure your safety and comfort. To learn more about our glass services for businesses, call or schedule an appointment online today.

*Each state has its own laws and regulations for windows’ visible light transmission (VLT) and commercial window tinting. Glass Doctor window tinting and security film materials do not protect against damage from high winds or wind-borne debris.