Door Closer Repair Service

Give your customers a great experience as soon as they enter your building with a well-functioning door closer. Door closers are a great way to keep the weather and bugs outside while still allowing convenient access for your customers and employees. Glass Doctor® of Charlotte offers door closer repair and maintenance so your doors close safely and effectively every time.

Door Closer Repair

If your door closer is not working properly, it could fail to close the door completely or even make the door too difficult to open and cause dangerous situations. It is also essential to have the proper type of door closer installed so it will operate correctly. For example, a heavy door requires a heavy-duty closer so it does not close too quickly on people who are trying to get through the door.

The experts at Glass Doctor of Charlotte provide door closer repair services for every type of door. A repair from an experienced professional will help you prevent damage to your doorframe, unexpected door movements and troublesome misalignments. We will repair your damaged door closer or replace a poorly fitting one quickly and efficiently.

Door Closer Maintenance

Give your door closer a long life by keeping it properly maintained and aligned. Regular maintenance will help prevent these troublesome repairs:

  • Broken seals: Seals keep lubricants in place and limit clearance gaps that prevent proper closure.
  • Oil leaks: When screws become loose or o-rings become damaged, lubricating oil can leak out of the closer causing a dangerous, messy situation.
  • Difficult locks: If your doors become misaligned, locking will become difficult or impossible creating a security risk for your business.

Let the experts at Glass Doctor of Charlotte keep your door closers working like new with regular maintenance. Many door closers come with a manufacturer's warranty that becomes voided if trained professionals do not service them.

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Our specialists are ready to repair and maintain every type of door closer. We will also keep your doorframes, glass, hardware and hinges working great, too. Call or schedule your appointment online today!