Custom Cut Glass in Carterville, IL

From extensive home renovation projects to simple repairs, Glass Doctor® of Carterville, IL knows how to get the job done right. Glass Doctor of Carterville, IL specialists have extensive experience repairing or replacing custom glass doors, mirrors, glass tabl etops and much more. Along with cutting custom glass or performing complex repairs, we also offer low-emissivity (Low-E) glass to protect your home from harmful UV rays. Keep your home's interior glass in mint condition with our specialists’ assistance.

Custom Table Tops and Shelves

Glass Doctor of Carterville, IL cuts glass tabletops to fit a wide variety of sizes. Add finished edges to complete the aesthetic enhancement of the glass piece. Protect wood furniture with glass overlay or replace patio table glass without losing your option for a sun umbrella. Our glass experts are happy to perform an in-home inspection to discuss various aspects of your custom glass such as thickness, tinting, and any potential safety hazards.

Custom Mirrors

Create the inspiring indoor space you've always wanted with customized mirrors made to your individual specifications. Mirrors will help light flow more freely throughout your home and create a sense of space or depth.

Glass Doors

Glass Doctor of Carterville will repair your sliding glass doors or install new door glass to enrich your entryway decor. Adding glass to doors enhances a home's curb appeal. We provide our clients with a variety of glass options, such as:

Glass Doctor offers several glass inserts including:

  • Ornate glass along with matching side windows
  • Energy-saving glass
  • Double-pane windows with sliding blinds
  • Weather-resistant glass, meeting or exceeding regulations

Glass Doctor of Carterville, IL offers our clients a wide selection of quality glass products from the biggest vendors in the business, allowing your selected glass components to be delivered quickly.

Low-E Glass Windows

Invest in low-emissivity (Low-E) windows to protect your home's furniture, antiques and wood flooring. This glass works to deflect harmful UV rays while allowing natural light to fill your home. UV rays will cause upholstery to fade, wood to crack and damage your precious belongings. Low-E windows prevent this damage from occurring and simultaneously reduce energy costs by eliminating heat gain. A thin metallic coating is applied to the glass, reducing light transmission by approximately 10%.

Minimize glare and improve the overall comfort of your indoor living environment when you upgrade your windows or doors to this type of glass. Your home's market value and curb appeal will also increase considerably.

To schedule a personal appointment with our specialist about glass decor enhancement options, fill out a service request online or call today!