Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Carterville, IL

Glass is a beautiful, utilitarian asset for your business. It is, however, susceptible to breaking. When glass does break at your business, give Glass Doctor® of Carterville, IL a call. We will show up ready to provide you with emergency glass repair service as quickly as possible. In order to keep your business running as smoothly as possible prepare for a glass break long before it happens. Take advantage of our Advanced Measurement system, the ultimate proactive commercial glass repair solution.

Advanced Measurement

When you take advantage of the Advanced Measurement system, a glass specialist comes out and diagrams all of the glass in your business. This diagram will be referenced whenever glass breaks, so we know exactly what to bring for your repair.

Faster Emergency Glass Repairs

Complete glass repair is a one-visit process if you enroll in our Advance Measurement system. Our glass specialist cleans up the broken glass and installs fresh panes to re-secure your establishment. If we don't know the panes you need or we don't carry comparable panes, we board up your site. Before leaving your building, we schedule a convenient time to come back with the exact glass panes you need for a full repair. The Advance Measurement streamlines your repair because we will know exactly what to bring the first time around. If you require a special type of glass, we recommend enrolling in our In-Stock program; we'll keep your panes stored at our shop until you need them for repair.

The Benefits of Our System

Lower Glass Repair Costs

Since we only have to come out one time for a repair backed by Advanced Measurement, your glass repair costs will be much lower.

Less Liability

The longer your glass fixture goes unrepaired, the greater your liability becomes. Advanced measurement helps to lower this liability by keeping the amount of time that your glass fixture is broken to a minimum.

A Better Image for Your Business

Broken glass lowers customer opinions of your establishment. The fast repair we offer ensures you won't have to deal with the drawbacks of boarded-up doors and windows at all.

Pre-Established Credit Options

Advance Measurement will also help you prevent billing conflicts. This is because you can get pre-established credit, which allows you to get your glass repair service worry-free.

Be Proactive About Your Glass Care

By using Advanced Measurement, you are helping your business now and in the future. Call to schedule an inspection!