Custom Mirrors in Carterville, IL

The right custom mirrors will completely transform your home into the unique, stylish and comfortable environment you've always wanted. Not only will custom mirrors enhance the ambiance of your living space, it will also help increase your home's resale value.

For outstanding customer service selecting and installing custom mirrors for your home, contact Glass Doctor® of Carterville, IL. Our specialists are happy to discuss a wide variety of options with you and even cut custom glass to fit your taste.

Create Depth and the Illusion of Space

Installing mirrors in key points throughout your home will make small, cramped areas seem much more inviting. Natural light is also carried more easily throughout the home with the help of proper mirror placement. Consider adding mirrors in these spaces for home enhancement:

Mirrored backsplash: Helps create the sensation of additional space, perfect for kitchens.

Mirrored wall: Make large rooms feel massive or tiny halls appear more spacious.

Statement mirror: Perfect above mantelpieces and fireplaces.

Accentuate Your Home Decor and Art

Custom cut mirrors are great for showcasing your favorite artwork, vases, statues or other home decors. Explore a wide range of edges, frames, finishes and tints to suit your aesthetic taste. Here are just a few of the beautiful mirrors we provide:

Hanging mirrors: Great for helping channel natural light from one room to another, accentuating the contours of your home and your furnishings.

Framed mirrors: Framed mirrors look amazing in any room and adds a touch of sophistication to virtually any space.

Mirrored shelves: These mirrors make an impression by providing friends and guests with a complete 360-degree view of your home's most cherished furnishings.

Improve Your Home's Natural Light

With the addition of hanging mirrors, mirrored tabletops and other custom mirrors, natural and artificial light will flow more freely from one room to the next. This is especially true for homes with limited windows.

Create more light in your living space with these mirror options:

Mounted mirrors: These mirrors will help spread light from ceiling lights, lamps, lanterns and other light sources to illuminate every room.

Bedroom mirrors: If your bedroom is the darkest space in the house, consider installing a few well-placed mirrors to catch and reflect both artificial and natural light sources.

Mirrors That Make an Impression

Full-length mirrors are excellent for entryways, hallways, closets and bathrooms. To better serve our clients, our glass specialists are happy to custom cut any mirror that is framed, finished or stylized to meet your individual needs.

Ask our team about installing full-length mirrors such as:

Floor-to-ceiling mirrors: These mirrors are an excellent choice for placement near the home's entryway for a last look before leaving for school or work.

Framed mirrors: Enhance the allure of your bathrooms with stunning framed mirrors, either custom-made or selected from our vast inventory.

To receive top quality customer service and assistance with custom mirror selection, contact Glass Doctor of Carterville, IL over the phone or fill out a quick service request online today. Our seasoned specialists will come to your home to conduct an in-home consultation, take measurements and provide you with support from planning to final installation.