Auto Glass Care

Windshield & Auto Glass Care in Carterville, IL

A crack or chip in your auto glass is cause for concern, obstructing your view and making your car, truck or SUV less safe to drive. Lucky for you, Glass Doctor® of Carterville, IL specializes in every aspect of auto glass repair.

Windshield Care in Carterville

Your windshield is much more than simply a conduit to what lies ahead. It’s important to your vehicle’s crash system. It protects you and your passengers from harm during accidents, which is why it is so important to fix damaged windshields as soon as possible.

Glass Doctor of Carterville, IL specialists make repairing and replacing windshields easy. Most chips and small cracks can be repaired in about one hour at a location that works for you. In addition, our specialists handle the insurance paperwork.

If your windshield needs to be replaced, you receive the same fast, friendly and professional service. Glass Doctor of Carterville, IL is a proud member of the Auto Glass Safety Council. Specialists are highly trained and use only proven techniques. This ensures that your windshield will be replaced with manufacturer-quality glass and that the technology including humidity and rain sensors, antennas and temperature gauges will remain intact and fully operational.

Auto Glass Replacement

Glass Doctor of Carterville, IL provides services that go beyond windshields. Specialists also excel at replacing damaged auto glass, including:

  • Passenger Windows
  • Sunroof
  • Quarter Glass
  • Back Windshield

You can expect exceptional service and the highest quality glass to be used for all auto glass repairs completed by Glass Doctor of Carterville, IL specialists. You will always receive expert consultation, accurate price estimates and tempered glass, which is designed to keep you and your passengers safer by shattering into small, safe chunks when it breaks.

Auto Glass Protection

The Windshield Protection Plan plan is another reason to trust Glass Doctor with your auto glass repair. The Windshield Protection Plan is available to all Glass Doctor windshield replacement customers. It provides an extra level of protection for you and your vehicle. If at any time your windshield is damaged in the 12 months following repair or replacement, Glass Doctor of Carterville, IL will fix it at no additional cost.

Another advantage of working with Glass Doctor of Carterville, IL is hydrophobic coating glass protectant, which protects your glass from mineral deposits, weathering, and environmental pollutants. It will keep your auto glass crystal clear for years, allowing you to see clearly what lies ahead.