Double Pane Window Services for Carterville

Windows are the largest source of a home’s loss of energy and climate control. Single pane windows are especially vulnerable to the influence of outdoor conditions, permitting a direct exchange of temperature. Double pane windows will reduce those effects noticeably. Insulated glass units (IGUs), must be properly sealed in order to provide you with the comfort and savings you desire. For the best results, a professional should perform the installation; there are no more qualified experts in the area than the team at Glass Doctor® of Carterville.

Advantages of Double Pane Windows

double pane window

Having double pane windows installed by Glass Doctor of Carterville is a way to improve the value of your home and the quality of your life. The process uses two sealed panes of glass with an insulating gap, sometimes filled with a low conductivity gas such as argon or krypton. That space is the secret of how IGUs work, resulting in three primary benefits:

  • Comfort: Two sealed sections of glass block heat transfer between cooler and warmer temperatures, which keep your family more comfortable year round.
  • Health: Maintaining the temperature and reducing drafts helps protect your family from illness. Additionally, a better seal reduces the amount of dust and pollen inside the home, which is especially helpful for families affected by asthma or allergies.
  • Economy: IGUs provide a stable method of climate control that equates to using less energy for heating and cooling. Over time, the savings on your energy bill will pay for the cost of double pane windows and will continue to save money for decades.

Insulated Glass Replacement

The seals of double pane windows will break down over time, reducing the ability of your windows to regulate temperature changes. Typically, clouding or condensation between the glass panels indicates the need for window replacement. Instead of replacing your entire window, Glass Doctor of Carterville will replace selected panes in your existing IGU frames. This method is less expensive than a full replacement and includes resealing the panes to eliminate the original problem.

Glass Doctor of Carterville specializes in glass replacement, including auto glass, IGUs and more. To schedule installation of double pane windows, or to learn more about our other services, contact Glass Doctor of Carterville today.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.