Industry Glass Services for Carterville's Commercial Businesses

Glass plays a vital role in almost every business, providing security and energy-efficiency as well as beautifully functional decor. The team at Glass Doctor® of Carterville, IL will keep your glass in good repair, delivering the services you need exactly when you need them, even at night and on the weekends. In addition to commercial glass repair and replacement, we offer door closer maintenance services to help keep your business running smoothly. To take advantage of all of our commercial discounts and services, enroll in our Commercial Care program, which delivers a variety of benefits:

  • Priority response
  • Discount emergency board-up services
  • Commercial account setup, which facilitates and speeds up our services
  • Discounted pricing on all work, even on auto glass jobs called in by the property

Our trained specialists have the experience to handle commercial glass repair and replacement for any type of business.

Commercial Glass Repair in Carterville, IL

Apartments and Condominiums

Glass products enhance the appearance of apartments and condominiums; new glass windows, doors and decor will attract and retain tenants. We make your properties safer in common areas such as pools, gyms and locker rooms. Our safety glass options will make these areas shine while protecting your residents from harm in case of breakage. As an added perk of living in your community, residents will also receive a 15% discount on auto glass jobs.

apartment windows


Glass is ideally suited for many restaurants uses since it’s easy to sanitize and makes your establishment look more open and attractive. Our specialists will improve your restaurant inside and out with atriums, partitions, and other glass options. Whether you’re renovating your establishment or moving to a new location, we’ll help you choose and install products to make your restaurant function smoothly and look appealing to diners.

Schools and Universities

We know that safety is paramount for schools and universities, so we offer a variety of glass products to help make your classrooms, offices, and dormitories more secure. We offer one-way observation glass for offices and safety glass for tables and desktops. For added protection, we offer a protective glazing solution and fire-resistant glass.


Our custom glass products will help attractively showcase your merchandise while effectively utilizing your available space. We’ll create display cases and shelves to your exact specifications. In addition, we’ll enhance your business with safety glass that’s fire- and bullet-resistant to better protect your employees, customers, and merchandise.

Hotels and Motels

Energy costs are a significant part of a hotel or motel’s operating expenses, so glass products that are energy-efficient will pay dividends month after month. We offer energy-efficient windows and sliding glass doors that make your rooms attractive while helping you save money. We also make your decor more appealing to customers with a beautiful shower and tub enclosures and decorative mirrors.

Cities and Municipalities

Our specialists know that your city and municipality offices need to operate smoothly and safely while saving money. We’ll keep your doors, closers, and glass products working properly and also help install low-maintenance windows that also reduce energy bills.

Schedule an appointment today with Glass Doctor of Carterville, IL to discuss your commercial glass repair and replacement needs. We’d be happy to visit your property to help you determine the best products to enhance your surroundings while helping you save money.