Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

Glass Doctor® of Brookhaven offers a number of options for residents hoping to spruce up their bathrooms with glass tub and shower enclosures. Well-chosen tub enclosures or shower doors, framed and frameless, are investments in the home that double as a finishing touch for any bathroom, drawing the eye and catching the light.

Our glass specialists will consult with you throughout the selection and installation process, including the enclosure's design and style, your budget for the project, any special factors to take into account during installation, and care and maintenance of your tub enclosure or shower doors.

Peruse our Shower Idea Center for more ideas on planning your bathroom, as well as our Shower Door Gallery and our list of Bathroom Remodeling Ideas. When we're planning your project with you, we'll ask that you take some factors that will influence the final design:

  • Are the walls of your bathroom drywall or tile? Where are the studs that support the wall? Knowing this helps us determine the weight of the glass that the walls will safely support.
  • Do you have proper ventilation in your bathroom? Over time, a poorly ventilated bathroom may experience peeling paint or even mold growth. Our glass experts will evaluate your ventilation, and are able to install a glass steam room kit in fully tiled shower areas.
  • When choosing the glass for your bathroom, you may be interested in our hydrophobic coating glass protectant, which repels water and oil, reducing grimy buildups and making cleaning easier.

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

The first step of your shower design adventure is scheduling an appointment with Glass Doctor of Brookhaven. Our specialists will come into your bathroom to measure the area precisely. This will help us give you the final cost for the project.

Glass Doctor of Brookhaven specialist will fit your perfect tub or shower enclosure into your home with minimal disruption to your daily routine. Call or email us today to begin the process!