Emergency Business Glass Services

A safe business is a successful business, and the first step to make your business safer is to keep all of your glass in good condition. Glass Doctor® of Brookhaven is committed to keeping all of our commercial customers as safe as possible, providing emergency business glass repair services at all hours of the day, all year long. We strive to repair as many windows as possible as soon as we arrive, and when immediate repair isn't feasible, we clean up the glass, board up the windows and install new panes as soon as they arrive.

The Fast Track to Repairs

Every business's glass needs are different, so we created the Advance Measurement system to learn as much about your business's needs as possible ahead of time. When you join our Advance Measurement program, we will visit your business, assess all of your glass needs and create numbered diagrams of all the glass in each room. When a glass item breaks, you need only call us and tell us the number of the item and we'll dispatch an emergency business glass repair specialist with the tools to fix the damage. You can further expedite the repair process by providing us with your contact and credit information ahead of time.

Along with our Advance Measurement system, Glass Doctor of Brookhaven also provides an In-Stock Glass program to benefit customers with unique or highly decorative forms of glass. We can't keep every variety of glass in stock, but by assessing your specific glass products ahead of time and ordering any rare items, we can stock all of the glass necessary for your business. Our In-Stock program is also ideal for businesses that live in areas with extreme weather or other conditions that cause frequent damage. We will assess the amount of glass you need as well as the type, and will keep enough in stock to provide full repairs in even the worst possible scenarios.

Commercial Care Customers

Businesses that regularly need repairs and upgrades should consider signing up for Glass Doctor of Brookhaven's Commercial Care program. As a Commercial Care customer, you'll be guaranteed:

  • Preferential response times at all hours
  • A skilled accounts manager to focus on your business's specific needs
  • A myriad of discounts of between 10% and 30%
  • Help setting up a commercial account
  • Membership prices that remain the same throughout the United States

Quality glass is an environmental, aesthetic and economic good, which is why Glass Doctor of Brookhaven's emergency business glass repair team is always on hand to restore your windows and decorations to pristine condition. Call today to ensure quick, reliable glass services for your business.