Double Pane Windows

Homes in Brookhaven, MS and the surrounding areas experience temperature changes throughout the year that affect your family’s comfort level and energy costs. Glass Doctor® of Brookhaven installs insulated glass units (IGUs) to create an effective barrier, guarding against temperature fluctuations and moisture damage.

Double Pane Window Repair

double pane window

The right windows create barriers to the air exchange inside and outside of your home during every season. Proper seals on your windows also keep your climate-controlled air inside and reduce drafts. If you already have double pane windows, you may experience issues if the seals are broken. Moisture will be able to seep inside the panes of glass, resulting in a dirty, foggy appearance.

What Is Insulated Glass?

An insulated glass unit has two or more pieces of glass. In addition to the extra insulation provided by the air pocket between the panes of glass, an IGU also has the following features that keep moisture out:

  • Spacers: These separate the panes and seal the space between them.
  • Warm-edge glass spacers: A type of spacer that insulates the edges of the sealed unit, reducing the amount of heat loss.
  • Desiccants: These materials can be used in the spacer to absorb moisture.
  • Other gasses: Some IGUs have gasses like argon or krypton added between the panes to provide additional insulation.
  • High-grade sealant: This is used to create an effective seal around the entire perimeter of your unit.

Insulated Glass Benefits

IGUs provide your home with the following benefits, year after year:

  • Energy efficiency and savings: These units keep the heat from transferring through the window, giving your home superior insulation. Your home will use less energy to keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and your air conditioning and heating bills should be lower as a result.
  • Greater comfort: IGUs let your home maintain a more consistent, comfortable temperature. They’ll help eliminate hot and cold spots in your home, as well as uncomfortable drafts.
  • Reduced noise: IGUs also reduce the amount of exterior noise you can hear in your home.

Insulated Glass Replacement

The entire window doesn’t always have to be replaced, since we will utilize your existing frames whenever possible. Your upfront investment in new windows will increase the value and comfort of your home while decreasing your energy bills.

Why use Glass Doctor of Brookhaven?

  • We’re a locally-owned business that offers the benefits of a national company.
  • Our specialists are trained in industry best practices.
  • We’ll perform the work at your convenience.
  • We offer double pane window repair when possible. If it can't be repaired, we'll replace your windows.
  • Upfront pricing guarantees you know the costs before we begin the work.
  • We are committed to providing exemplary service. In fact, we’ve received the Super Service Award from Angie’s List, a well-known site known for its local customer reviews.

Contact Glass Doctor of Brookhaven for money-saving special offers, and schedule an appointment to see how double pane window repair or replacement can improve the comfort level of your home and lower your energy costs.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.