Double Pane Windows

With utility bills seemingly going up every month, most homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their electric and gas or oil bills. While turning down the thermostat helps, there are other ways to significantly reduce your energy costs. One of the most commonly recommended methods to reduce bills is by updating your windows. Today’s insulated glass windows reduce heat transfer during Michigan’s cold months and minimize the effect of the hot summer sun. Glass Doctor® of Bay City, MI, experts suggest homeowners with older, single pane windows explore the advantages of updating to double pane windows.

Insulated Glass Benefits

double pane window

Single pane windows do little to improve a home’s indoor environment. Drafts are frequently associated with single pane windows, as their design tends to encourage leaks, especially as the windows age. Double pane windows, on the other hand, use modern materials and sealing strategies to eliminate drafts in your home. That means you not only enjoy a more comfortable environment but also see a reduction in utility bills. Of course, any window can be damaged and, in the event double pane window replacement is needed, Glass Doctor of Bay City, MI, will be there to make sure your damaged window is properly dealt with.

Double pane windows provide advantages in addition to minimizing heat loss during cold months or gain during hot weather. The windows are also routinely coated to reduce the amount of harmful UVA and UVB rays entering your home, which reduces sun damage to furniture and flooring. When windows are damaged in any way, Glass Doctor of Bay City, MI, experts replace the glass with the same type of material to restore the window’s integrity.

Insulated Glass Replacement

While breakage is a common cause for our team, it isn’t the only reason for contacting the professionals at Glass Doctor of Bay City, MI. Double pane windows can experience seal damage, which results in a fogged or milky look developing. The look is caused by outside air infiltrating the space between the panes and requires restoration to the clarity of the window.

For any double pane window needs, contact our team of experts today.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.