Headlight Restoration & Headlight Repair

Your vehicle’s headlights are constantly exposed to the worst elements and toughest conditions. It should come as no surprise when they crack, become dull or fail. Headlights are an integral part of your vehicle and should always be maintained to increase visibility for you and other drivers during the early mornings, nights and foggy weather. When your car, SUV, truck or RV needs new headlights, the auto glass specialists at Glass Doctor® are here to help! Contact our experts today for fast, professional acrylic headlight repair and replacement services.

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What’s Wrong with My Headlight?

At Glass Doctor, we often see scratched, foggy or cloudy headlights drive into our garage. This type of damage is commonly caused by three key factors:

  • Oxidation: Car headlights can become yellowed by prolonged exposure to UV rays. This is particularly common for vehicles that are not stored in a garage.
  • Water vapor: If the watertight seal around the headlight is worn or damaged, water vapor can condense on the inside of the acrylic lens. This is particularly dangerous during nighttime driving.
  • Driving conditions: Your car encounters dust, dirt and rocks on the road each day. Run-ins with debris can scratch and scrape the lens, reducing the effectiveness of your headlight over time.

Headlight Lens Restoration System

If your headlights are scratched, foggy, cracked or unexpectedly dim, it’s time to call Glass Doctor. Like all exterior surfaces, acrylic headlights can be degraded by harsh weather like rain, snow and bright sunlight. While the light mechanism and the light bulb may eventually require replacement, your vehicle’s acrylic lenses could be the main cause of the problems you’re experiencing, and can often be repaired or restored.

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How to Fix My Cloudy Headlights

At Glass Doctor, we’ve designed our Headlight Lens Restoration System with busy vehicle owners in mind. More than just a simple cleaning, our headlight restoration and repair services will:

  • Smooth pitted surfaces
  • Erase deep scratches
  • Polish headlights – removing any yellowing and returning the acrylic to its original color
  • Repair or replace the headlights’ watertight seals

Just like our windshield repair and windshield replacement services, we’re often able to complete your headlight restoration quickly, while you wait.

The Headlight Lens Restoration System is not limited to only headlights. It also applies to these:

  • Aviation windows
  • Marine windows
  • Motorcycle shields
  • Aquariums

Find Headlight Restoration and Repair Near Me

If you have scratched, discolored or cloudy headlights, Glass Doctor has your back. Not only is reduced visibility frustrating, but it can be dangerous to you and those around you. If you need headlight restoration and headlight repair, it’s time to schedule your Headlight Lens Restoration appointment. Schedule an appointment online, or find a location near you.


*Not all Glass Doctor locations offer this service. Contact your local Glass Doctor to learn more.