Double Pane Windows

Your windows affect everything from your curb appeal and home value to your energy bill and indoor comfort levels. They also experience outdoor and indoor wear and tear throughout the years, including temperature fluctuations that may shift your frames and foundation. At Glass Doctor® of Annapolis, we understand the consequences of broken window seals. If your windows are leaking climate-controlled air and failing to protect your indoor spaces, we recommend an upgrade to double pane windows.

Benefits of Insulated Glass

Double pane windows are known in our industry as insulated glass units (IGU), which means these windows feature multiple panes and other components that work together to protect your home. One of the most important features of an IGU is the spacer, which holds the panes in place. The spacer is usually made of moisture-absorbing or non-conductive material to better insulate your panes. Our glass specialists make sure every IGU is airtight and installed correctly, resulting in a perfect seal and extra insulation for years to come.

double pane window

Double Pane Window Replacements

We are happy to replace your traditional or aged double pane windows with new units. Instead of replacing the entire window unit, we will work to preserve your existing frames if possible. Our glass specialists will save you money by installing your new glass panes and spacer within your current window frames. Because we understand the importance of a perfect seal, they will also make sure each double pane window is finished with a high-grade sealant that prevents condensation buildup between your panes.

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Keep the frame, replace the glass.