Advance Measurement System

In the business world, there are rarely minor glass disturbances. As you create a disaster preparedness plan for your organization, take the time to formulate a strategy for any broken glass incidents. Glass damage is more than an inconvenience; it can hurt your curb appeal, cause costly business interruptions and compromise a building's security. Glass Doctor® of Annapolis encourages you to practice proactive glass care by taking advantage of the Advanced Measurement system. Participating in this program helps minimize losses and promotes business continuity.

Prompt Glass Repairs

The greatest benefit of the Advanced Measurement system is the expedient glass repair process. Because the proactive glass care service begins with a glass specialist visiting your property to measure panes and take notes, Glass Doctor of Annapolis will already have the necessary information on file to fix your glass. The specialists use the notes to create a diagram of the property, which features numbers identifying the locations of the various glass panes. You receive a copy of the diagram and Glass Doctor of Annapolis keeps one in your file.

If glass breaks, call Glass Doctor of Annapolis and use the diagram to tell a specialist which panes broke. Our specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for emergency repairs. Because the measurements and details we need are already on file, our team will can re-secure your property immediately. Pre-establish credit with us for even faster service.

In-Stock Replacements

When Glass Doctor of Annapolis has the panes you need in stock, we will replace the broken glass during our first visit. Otherwise, we'll order the panes and board-up your windows. To ensure your panes are available as soon as they're needed, many business owners participate in our In-Stock program. This proactive glass care solution involves pre-ordering panes, so we have the when you need them. Take advantage of this program for panes that are critical to your operations.

Proactive Glass Care Advantages

When you enroll in our Advance measurement program you secure the greatest glass care for your business. Our program guarantees:

  • Security: Fast glass repairs prevent vandalism and theft
  • Safety: Keep customers and employees safe
  • Enhanced business continuity: The less downtime you experience because of glass repairs, the sooner you'll be back in business

The Advance Measurement system from Glass Doctor of Annapolis reduces the costs, frustration and stress that come with broken glass. This solution rewards our commercial customers with priority services, making proactive glass care more convenient than ever. Learn more during an on-site consultation.