Emergency Home Glass Repair & Replacement

You can't prepare for every aspect of home care, but you can count on a company to provide quality emergency care when it counts. Glass Doctor® of Annapolis offers exceptional glass service every hour of every day of the year. Our team gives homeowners peace of mind even when a window pane breaks. Our emergency services provide the quick, reliable service you need to keep your home and your family safe.

Professional Emergency Glass Repair

Glass Doctor of Annapolis offers comprehensive emergency glass repair for homeowners. Because our repairs are available 24/7, don't worry about calling for service in the middle of the night. Our mobile units are equipped to restore your home's security, even if we don't have the proper pane on hand. We provide temporary board-up service and full replacements.

Quality Emergency Glass Care

When you call on our team, we arrive as quickly as possible to make repairs. The experts from Glass Doctor of Annapolis will clean up the damage of stray glass shards, so your family needn't worry about cutting their feet. Depending upon the damage, our team will determine if a full unit replacement is necessary. If we can replace the glass without compromising the unit, we will opt for this solution. Glass replacement is less expensive and time-consuming than unit replacement. If you require a specialty pane or unit that must be ordered, we'll board up the window until the custom piece is available to be installed.

Specialized Emergency Repair

If your home has custom glass that is damaged or shattered, our specialists provide specialized emergency repairs. Custom glass can be found in door panes, patio doors or interior decor pieces. Our team will measure the custom panes and order the correct replacement glass for your piece.

Home Emergency Glass Repair Service

Protect your family, pets and possession with the help of Glass Doctor of Annapolis. Our team works with homeowners to ensure our home emergency glass repair service meets their expectations and needs. Keep your peace of mind even if you need window repairs and custom glass replacement. Stay safe and protected with the Glass Doctor of Annapolis.