Auto Glass Care

Cracked auto glass makes your car less attractive and jeopardizes passenger safety. Glass damage is a serious road hazard that must be addressed. Cracked auto glass compromises your vehicle's structural integrity, and can cause your windows to break. No matter how bad the damage, Glass Doctor® of Annapolis will fully restore your auto glass. We are a proud member of the Auto Glass Safety Council™, so you can trust that your glass repair with us will include the best tools and training.

Comprehensive Auto Glass Repair

We will restore any piece of glass in your car. This includes:

  • Sunroof
  • Quarter glass
  • Front and rear windshields
  • Windows
  • Mirrors

Windshield Care and Restoration

Your windshield keeps insects, debris and weather from flying onto your car. But more importantly, the glass accounts for up to 60% of your vehicle's structural integrity in an accident. If your windshield is damaged, then its ability to support your car's structure is compromised. The Glass Doctor of Annapolis team is prepared to resolve any glass damage.

Windshield Repair

If your windshield is repairable, our glass specialists will use a specialized resin to complete the auto glass repair. This process usually takes less than an hour. Because windshields are so important, insurance companies often cover the cost of this repair. We'll handle any paperwork that your insurer requires. Our goal is to make auto glass care a simple task rather than a large hassle.

Windshield Replacement

In some cases, a windshield may not be replaceable. Usually, windshield damage is irreparable if it has the following features:

  • Cracks longer than three inches
  • Chips wider than 3/8-inch
  • Cracks near the edge of the windshield
  • Glass damage in the driver's line of sight
  • Older cracks and chips

If your windshield cannot be repaired, then we will offer to replace it. We will use a replacement windshield that meets or exceeds your original equipment manufacturer's standards. If your car has specialty glass with technologies embedded into your windshields, such as rain sensors and temperature gauges, we can match those technologies in new panes.

Auto Glass Protection

Windshield Protection Plan

Your windshield replacement will include the Windshield Protection Plan. With this protection plan, you will be able to get extensive windshield repairs and one full windshield replacement for an entire year after the date of installation. Giving our customers a free guarantee is part of our exceptional customer service.

Hydrophobic Coating Glass Protectant

Our hydrophobic coating glass protectant will make your auto glass more resistant to scratches, minerals and hard water. It will also help you maintain visibility during the rain. A single application will last for years! We recommend owners add a coat to every pane on their vehicle.

New Wiper Blades

It's critical that you have fresh wiper blades because worn wiper blades will cause undue wear on your windshield. We give our customers the option of adding new wiper blades to the scope of service. We want to keep your windshield in top shape, so our team installs blades that fit your car.

Request an Appointment

Our glass specialists are here to repair your auto glass when you need us. We can meet you at any location to perform a consultation. During the initial visit, we'll determine the type of service you need. If the pane needs repair work, we can make those changes on-the-spot. If you require a replacement service, we'll book a time when you can bring your vehicle to our shop. Call Glass Doctor of Annapolis today to schedule your appointment.