Security Window Film

The glass in your business has several important roles. It's a barrier between your business and the outside elements as well as an effective barrier between vandals and thieves. At the same time, your windows are designed to manage energy exchange, while presenting an incomparable aesthetic value. Regardless of the role your windows are playing, window tint or security window film enhance their performance without compromising the beauty of your building. Trust your friends at Glass Doctor® of Utah County in American Fork to install window tint or security film in your office for superior results.

Benefits of Window Tint at Your Office

Improves Efficiency

Window tint allows the sun's light into the building, while decreasing its ability to heat up the room, which saves money on cooling costs. During the winter, window tint will not compromise the inherent benefits of air-warmed areas. If you are looking to reduce your dependence on artificial lighting, our unique sunlight redirecting tint allows you to utilize more natural light, which also lowers energy costs.

Increases Safety

One of the best defenses against criminals is security window film. When you invest in window tint for your American Fork business, it will delay access to your building or even deter entry entirely. In the event the window is broken, the tint causes the window to break into larger, safer chunks instead of tiny shards. Window tint also lowers the cost of graffiti damage because only the tint will have to be replaced instead of the entire glass.

Protects Business Property

Over time, the sun's harmful rays will bleach furniture, carpets, draperies and other office decor. However, window tint filters out those harmful UV rays, which ensures your office decor lasts and looks great longer.

Improves Comfort

Window tint is one of the most inexpensive ways to improve the comfort of your employees and customers. The thin window film reduces common computer glare problems, which increases the productivity of your employees. At the same time, it offers customers and employees a greater level of privacy.

You never have to sacrifice style to protect your business with window tint from Glass Doctor of Utah County. Our specialists utilize decorative window tint in several styles and textures to meet the functional and cosmetic needs of any business. Contact Glass Doctor of Utah County today to transform your American Fork office with security window film.