Door Closer Repair Service

Providing a welcoming entrance to your business is the first step to achieving exceptional customer satisfaction. One essential aspect of storefront care is door closer maintenance. While many businesses forget to about door closer repair services, the potential ripple effect of a poorly designed or maintained door pieces is substantial. A door that is difficult to open or sticks can deter potential customers or negatively impact the customer experience. One way to secure a safe and smooth entrance is to make sure you have a repair and maintenance team in place to keep your entrance in top working order. Glass Doctor® of Utah County offers professional commercial door services, ensuring a smooth passage in and out of your facilities.

How Door Closers Work

Manual door closers are designed to assist with opening and closing a door. They are particularly helpful with heavy doors frequently used in businesses. When properly adjusted, the door closer will smoothly open and close a door without requiring a user to exert excess effort or return the door to its frame. The speed of the door opening and closure depends on hydraulic dampers and spring adjustments. When a door closer hasn’t been properly maintained, repaired or adjusted, it can lead to serious injury, creating unnecessary liability for your company.

Door Closer Repair

Incorrect Door Closers

Every type of door requires a specific door closers. If improper door closers are selected, it poses a safety risk and could potentially damage the building. Glass Doctor of Utah County will assess your door closers and make sure they are the correct option for the size and weight of your doors.

Improperly Installed and Adjusted Door Closers

When door closers are improperly installed, doors run the risk of frame damage, unexpected movements and misalignment. Our door closer specialists have the training, experience and the proper tools to repair alignment and installation mistakes, ensuring ideal door function.

Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels

When seals on door closers are broken or the oil level is low, hardware becomes vulnerable. If you notice a leak or missing parts, call Glass Doctor of Utah County for immediate door closer repair in American Fork.

Difficult to Locks

When doors are difficult to lock, the problem may be attributed to your door closer. With proper adjustment, alignment is corrected and doors will lock properly, assuring security for your business.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Attempting to fix or maintain door closers without training often leads to voided warranties and potential hazards. Glass Doctor of Utah County offers expert services provided by highly trained individuals. We strive for an outstanding customer experience, and work to identify any issues with your door closers and prevent them from happening with routine maintenance. To find out more about our door closer repair and maintenance services, or our other commercial care programs, contact us today for an onsite consultation.